Concern over the presence of dangerous candy in Granby

Concern over the presence of dangerous candy in Granby

A drug with little-known effects in the form of candy is currently circulating in the territory of Granby and the police and public health authorities wish to warn the population.

A counterfeit version of these colorful rectangular candies, sold under the PEZ brand, is currently on the illicit market. They can be extremely harmful to health.

Police seized more than 300 in two searches of drug dealers in June. They look like the original candies in every way.

Analyzes carried out by Health Canada show that they contain cocaine and benzodiazepines in concentrations which may vary.

Those who obtain them on the illicit market and consume them in good conscience should exercise caution.

Parents of children and adolescents who may be exposed to it, the authorities ask to be vigilant.

These sweets are believed to be involved in the death of a 19-year-old young man from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, who died of an overdose earlier this month. A young woman from Saint-Jérôme is also thought to be in a vegetative state after consuming too much of it.

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