Concerns are growing in the NBA

L’inquiétude grandit dans la NBA

Although the NBA and the players Association have finalized the terms of the agreement, which will allow the return to the game in Orlando at the end of July, commissioner Adam Silver is increasingly concerned by the speed with which the coronavirus is spreading in Florida.

“The anxiety level is higher. Not only because of the increase of cases in Florida, but across the country,” said Silver during a conference call Friday. His remarks were reported by the New York Times.

During the day of Friday, almost 9,000 new cases were recorded in Florida.

Among the 302 NBA players that have been tested Tuesday, 16 have a positive result is obtained and entered into quarantine.

In the event that the COVID has spread significantly in the “bubble” of the NBA to Orlando, Silver has stated that, “the season could be stopped,” reported ESPN.

The screening tests will be conducted on a daily basis, at least at the beginning, said Silver.

“We can not remain inactive indefinitely, he said according to ESPN. We need to adapt. We believe that this will be safer within our environment and outside. But this is not a return to normality.”

The commissioner considers that the pandemic has not left other choice to league that to “learn to live with the virus” and that “no option is without risk,” reported Sports Illustrated.

Silver believes that the league should resume its activities because “the sport is important to our society. It brings people together when they need it most”.

The NBA will restart its season on the 30th of July, while 22 teams will compete in a knock-out tournament at Disney World near Orlando.

The matches will be played in three arenas of the ESPN Wide World of Sports, where the spectators will not be admitted.

The first game of the Toronto Raptors is scheduled for August 1 against the Los Angeles Lakers. Training ontario will also Miami, Orlando, Boston, Memphis, Milwaukee, Philadelphia and Denver in his placement games.

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