Concerts online for one-man band, Steve Hill

Des concerts en ligne pour l’homme-orchestre Steve Hill

Steve Hill is to launch its new album, Dear Illusion, on April 17. The current situation has compelled him to submit to an undetermined date.

“Maybe I’ll launch it in September. I don’t know. It is certain that I will wait not one year. It’s going to take it out at a given time”, has launched an author-composer and man-orchestra.

The guitarist he 46-year-old is in standby mode.

The launch of his 11th album would be followed, during the next few weeks and months, with shows in Quebec, in the Maritimes, in Western canada and in Europe. Concerts that have been postponed to an indefinite period of time and may be distant.

“This is not with the online listening that I do with the money. I need to give shows. The streaming, unless you have billions of plays, is not paid. I have songs that have millions of plays, and it doesn’t give me not even $ 1500 per year”, he noted, during a phone interview.

He even gave private lessons for guitar online. “I’m doing all the time. I’m not the type to sit and ask for money in heaven. It is necessary to be able to adapt. This is no longer the same and it will never be the same any more”, he said.

An excellent response

The human orchestra is active on Fridays, at 20 h, its page on Facebook, with live performances.

“The response is excellent with between 1000 and 2000 spectators per performance,” he stated.

After having performed the whole of his compilation Acoustic Corona Playlist, that you can buy on Bandcamp, he continued with songs from his album Solo Recordings Volume 1 and Volume 2. It will, on the 1st of may, the contents of his Volume 3.

“Maybe I’ll do another with the songs from my album show The One-Man Blues-Rock Band“, he started.

The guitarist has taken advantage of the non-launch of the Dear Illusion to take out a second excerpt with the title Rain, available on Bandcamp.

The profits collected by may 4, will be donated to the Fondation du Centre in Le Havre, an organization that works to prevent the development of roaming, to mitigate its consequences and to promote the social reintegration.

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