Concerts very intimate during the pandemic

Des concerts très intimes pendant la pandémie

Dear Criminals does that make shows virtual which are very popular since the beginning of the pandemic. The next weekend, the trio will rather on the stage of the Golden Lion to provide mini-concerts in front of the public… one or two spectators !

By his own admission, singer Frannie Holder does not expect that the event LONE RIDE arouses such passions.

A few days ago, Dear Criminals announced that it would give a total of 72 mini-shows during three days, at the Lion d’or. Each performance of a song is only intended for one or two spectators. In four hours, all the tickets were gone.

“I felt like Aerosmith at the Forum ! lance Frannie laughing. We knew that it would when even the people. There is currently a need to see the shows in real, live emotions real. ”



Strangely, Dear Criminals had been thinking of this idea of spectacles for a person since already eight years old. “But we found that this was not viable or cost effective ! note Frannie. It was a fantasy that we had since a long time, but could not. But then, as time allows, we said that maybe it was the time to think about it. ”

Transparent Structure

In order to comply with the rules of the public health with the COVID-19, the group has decided to leverage its dates representation with measures of déconfinement in Montreal. “We thought that this would be allowed at the time where the shops that have set up shop on the street could reopen,” says the singer.

Since the Golden Lion was one of the first rooms that Dear Criminals has occurred in Montreal, and that the cabaret was among the first to sound the alarm at the beginning of the pandemic, the group has chosen to stick to his LONE RIDE.

“It’s a program that we would never have been able to present, in normal times, acknowledges the director-general of the Golden Lion, Sara Castonguay. For the public, this will be their only opportunity to pay for a Gold Lion alone (laughs). It will be an experience the fun, unsettling, disturbing, as we love it. ”

Having always had a concern for the scenography, Dear Criminals has created an installation of plexiglas in which each viewer will, on the stage. The three musicians will play – at two meters distance from each other – around this structure.

“We will only have a song to create a connection, note Frannie. The goal is not to make the person super uncomfortable. It is sure that it is intimidating to receive the support of a show that you let go usually to 250 people. We want to offer each individual the show of which she need at this time and that it has not had in the last two months. We want to offer a bit of sweetness. ”

Tour of neighborhoods

All the measures of hygiene and security will be put in place to the inside of the room. “We expected 10 minutes of beating in between each show to clean the area, indicates Frannie Holder. The people will not cross. They are going to enter by one door and leave by the emergency exit. ”

The band will play six hours per day for three days. Each song will have been previously chosen by the spectator who has bought his ticket. “Yes, it is possible that we find ourselves playing several times the same song ! recognizes Frannie. There will be something alienating for us. But it is a part of the “deal”. The song may be repetitive, but it is known that each experience will be different. ”

If all goes well, Frannie Holder is already to repeat the experience elsewhere this summer. “I want to do a tour in Montreal, in the districts and the separate rooms,” she said.

Dear Criminals will present the event’s LONE RIDE the next weekend, at the Golden Lion. Tickets for the 72 mini-shows have all been sold. The profits will go to the Central alternative.

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