Concrete stations and hand-washing self

Du béton aux stations de lave-mains autonomes

Mainly specialized in the repair of concrete structures, the Group Diamantex saw its revenues plunge because of the COVID-19.

In a war effort, the company has elected to convert it to a manufacturer and begin production of stations of hand-washing self-reliant.

“We’ve lost about 99 % of our revenue,” due to the break of Quebec, responds to the Newspaper, the boss of the quebec company, Daniel Bordeleau.

This last is also the head of Perforoc, a Quebec-based company that specializes in the installation of piles. She has notably collaborated on the construction of the IKEA in the national capital.

Looking for a solution to enable its organizations to maintain a good financial health, Mr. Bordeleau has recently decided to navigate in a new branch of the business, including the sanitary facilities.

“We asked what businesses were going to need during the recovery activities to meet the requirements,” said Mr. Bordeleau.

Already several orders

Having several contacts in the field of construction, the phone quickly rang for the purchase of stations of washing hands without contact. Group Diamantex must already deliver 275 firms by 4 may.

The consortium NouvLR, which is responsible for the construction of the subway system to light rail express train Network of metropolitan, was among other things ordered a hundred for the opening of the construction site.

Each station is autonomous and can be used with or without running water. It includes a 20-liter tank, a dispenser, soap, dispenser, paper, and a foot pump for running water. It is also possible to have an electric system and a water heater.

Mr. Bordeleau states that its product can be installed in all public places, such as a construction site, but also in a grocery store or a pharmacy.

In the summer period, Group Diamantex and Perforoc have up to 175 workers. About ten are now at work.

During the revival of business, if the demand continues, the business man believes that he will need to hire new people to ensure its production.

“This is the beauty of being an entrepreneur, the challenges are commonplace. This is another area that one learns now to try to tame, ” says Bordeleau.

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