Concussions: a series of changes to come

Photo: Associated Press
Tom Savage of the Houston Texans

The national football League and the players ‘ Association announced Friday a series of changes to the management of the protocol related to concussions.


The announcement follows a troubling incident in which the quarter Tom Savage, Houston Texans, has been granted the right to return to the field after a veneer that was left on the ground, arms trembling.


Thus, the two parties have agreed to add an expert, who watched the match from a central site and which shall have the power to advise the medical teams on the sidelines to assess an incident. And if a player seems to have suffered a stroke or malaise in the genre, as was the case with Savage, he will be out of the meeting and will not return.


In recent years, the NFL has been the subject of close scrutiny regarding player safety and head injuries. An agreement valued at $ 1 billion, which entered into force earlier this year, has allowed the league to resolve thousands of lawsuits while she was accused of knowing the risks associated with multiple concussions.


The violent incident involving Savage has led to a joint review of the protocol related to concussions by the NFL and the players Association. The leader of the Texans was hurt in the second quarter of the game on December 10 against the San Francisco 49ers, after having been thrown to the ground by Elvis Dumervil. The times showed Savage visibly stunned after her head was given against the ground. His two arms were raised to the sky and shivered.


He was taken to the medical tent, where he remained for less than three minutes before returning to the bench players. During the next offensive of the Texans, he was at his post. During this series to attack, Savage threw two passes incomplete, and the physician of the Texans approached him after he had taken a place on the side lines. He underwent further tests and was transported in the direction of the cloakroom, where members of the medical team determined that he had suffered a concussion.


No fine for the Texans


The NFL announced that the Texans will not be fined following the incident. The review concluded that the medical staff had followed the protocol, but that the return of Savage in the match was ” unacceptable “.


According to the review, the staff has seen the video replay showing Savage the two arms in the air, a position which is often an index of concussion, only after having done their initial assessment. The medical staff has detected later symptoms that were not present during the first assessment.


“I think we handled the situation as it would have had to be managed, said the head coach of the Texans, Bill O’brien. On behalf of everyone at the Texans, we always strive to do what is best for the player and taking into account the regulations. This is what we are trying to do. “


Earlier in December, the Seattle Seahawks were fined $ 100,000 for failing to follow the protocol with quarterback Russell Wilson during a game played in November. It was the first time that a training of the NFL was fined in connection with the protocol.

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