Condoleezza Rice, colistière democrat?

Condoleezza Rice, colistière démocrate?

You just swallow your coffee through? This is pretty much my reaction when I read the title of the article of the university Laurence Kotlikoff on the site of The Hill.

Kotlikoff, a professor of economics at Boston University, has been involved in politics for many years. Advisor of Ronald Reagan in another era, he doesn’t appreciate the two major parties and considers it as a necessity the creation of a third party.

As the majority of observers, Kotlikoff recognizes that there are many qualified women on the list being studied by the team of Joe Biden to find the right colistière. Like many others, he believes that the events that recently caused the death of Floyd will force the hand of the democratic candidate and that he will choose a black woman.

It recognizes the merit of Kamala Harris, Val Demings, Stacey Abrams and Keisha Lance Bottoms, he argues that each of these applications presents significant weaknesses. Kamala Harris has not yet raised the enthusiasm after the primary difficult, while the other three are too little known at the national level.

Himself a former independent candidate for the presidential election, he hopes that the candidate chosen had first proposed something new. As an independent voter, it is the search for new solutions, or more solid than what he sees and hears up to now.

It is therefore after this overview of the list democratic party as he arrives at the conclusion that the best choice, for Joe Biden, would be the former secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. For the amazing and unrealistic as it is, this proposal is not devoid of interest. Remember that in 2004, John Kerry had approached John McCain. McCain had declined, but I would have liked to follow the journey of this duo if the association had to be established.

If Condoleezza Rice is associated with the administration of George W. Bush, his intelligence, his experience and his skills are undeniable. Without necessarily sharing all aspects of his vision of international politics, I have always been impressed by its ease.

I still remember that, she charmed the French during an official visit, in the maintaining of the century of the Enlightenment, and then slip behind the piano. Accomplished pianist, she also played for the queen. Several of his performances are on YouTube.

There is no doubt that Condie (his nickname) has the requisite qualities to be not only colistière, but also a candidate for the presidency. Kotlikoff says that enlisting her services, Biden would adhere to his promise to pick a woman, a Black, whilst playing the card of national unity.

Strategically, this choice might be wise, since nobody is going to confuse Rice with an extremist progressive. It could potentially increase the gains in pivotal States and among the self-employed. Nobody have doubts about the ability of the vice-president to replace the president if he fell in battle.

Even if she is a republican, Rice is not an ideologue (she has worked for Jimmy Carter), and I think that she would be able to navigate through the murky waters of a ticket democrat-republican. But, because there is a big but, could she forget his involvement in the conflict in the long and costly Iraq?

Despite all his skills and immense talent, Ms. Rice is still haunted by his experience within an administration have become particularly unpopular at the end of the second term.

I would add also another drawback to this application, and it does not fall within the competence of the candidate alleged. It’s a safe bet that Joe Biden will finish with a single mandate. The democrats want-they really give the Rice a chance to put in value before the election of 2024?

We don’t even know if the offer of the democrat may possibly be of interest (I highly doubt it), but it would be amazing that they just make up the numbers. The wish of Kotlikoff will not happen, but I thought in spite of everything interesting to share his idea with you.

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