Confined in solo

Instagram has informed me that I had seen all the news last Sunday. This is not a surprise: my cell phone rarely leaves the palm of my hand since the beginning of the measures taken to stem the pandemic of the COVID-19.

It is that discussion with others is necessary to pass through the internet, as I live alone. There is no doubt that I exceed the screen time recommended daily. Press briefings, discussions, video or text messages and give rhythm to my days even when I am not working.

Calls and videos

I can’t make it with my sister for weekday evenings or at my parents on Sunday evening. Of course, the outings with friends are also banned. Same fight with the colleagues. The only way to get in contact with the outside world is to multiply the video calls.

For nearly two weeks, I make about three calls a video conference every day. The discussions will, however, not very far away. Once the new items on the COVID-19 discussed, in the small silences produced by this type of medium is required.

To avoid boredom, I participate even table games online with my friends. Wait for the time when we can leave aside the games and simply go discuss on a terrace.

The importance of the routine

If I didn’t know before all the advice on work at home, I am now scrupulously not to sink into laziness. Ended the days working in my pajamas in my bed!

I discipline now to dress me up, I comb it and move from room to room in the mornings to have a different environment. My daily walk, and my workouts of course are also become of outputs invaluable to see other people.


To fill my lack of social interaction, I put a tv series in the company of my cat Jimmy. “Vikings,” “My son” and soon “the Tiger King” have filled my many moments of free time.

Elsewhere, Jimmy has become a source of distraction are infinite. Our duo takes a walk always together in the house and the number of photos of her on my cell phone is in great growth.

For those who are alone in isolation, I can only encourage you. And if you go under my window, say hello to my cat!

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