Congratulations on the day of a geek 2017

It turns out February 14th is not only Valentines Day but also Day of informal geek. In this day, throughout the scientific world was presented the first computer.

Привітання з днем комп&#039ютерника 2017


On the day of the geek, master,
Congratulations I send to you!
I sincerely wish you happiness
In your personal life and in work.

You’re talent, there is no dispute,
But today rest,
And eyes from the monitor
Short tear.

Professional holiday!
Thy work, honestly, is not easy,
But you’re a genius,
You’re a geek cool,

And the most difficult tasks
You decide the best!
Let luck,
In life waiting for you success!


Who the program will immediately write
And PC we clean,
“Windows” reinstalls,
The site is beautifully fixed up.

Without you, we as without hands,
For computer you one.
We congratulate you
With day of the programmer!


Geek, you don’t be sad,
Sometimes keep up.
One minute rock out
And just life smile!

With a holiday you, the artist.
In all a nice update,
Valuable contracts, proposals,
More joyful moments!

Not someone broke the password
Your happiness and love!
Buy you a license,
All are infinitely eternal.

And health to you and success,
Antivirus enemies that drove everyone.
To the computer, but he did not hang,
From destiny to win the perfect prize!


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