Congratulations on the Presentation of the Lord

Every year Orthodox Christians celebrate February 15, the feast of Candlemas. Meet in old Slavic “meeting”.

Вітання з Стрітенням Господнім

Candlemas is an important Orthodox feast, the feast of the meeting of the old and New Testaments. I heartily congratulate you on this bright day and wish God’s mercy is always stretched out over you, and all dear to you people.


Candlemas, Candlemas,

Give us the mood,
Grant blessing,
And enlighten the soul!

We celebrate Candlemas –
Jesus in the temple entry,
Prayer pure, joyful,
We sanctify the holiday!

I wish the nice people,
Orthodox Holy,
To light feeling, merciful
Filled with heart!

Days Christian the righteous,
only right Actions,
The prayer of a sincere read
Supreme creator!


Pozdravom you a clean, bright
And, of course, gifts,
Many words of love tell,
Thank you from the heart.
Meeting I spring soon,
Forget the pain, sorrow,
come joyous moment,
What holds the presentation.


In our Church, the feast is Candlemas.
The day baby Jesus was found with his father.
All the sacrament of baptism was held today,
And became the big man with the divine person.

Today, we praise God, our Creator,
We celebrate the feast with a prayer on his lips.
Over the candle, bow your head, kiss the icon,
And immerse yourself in the conversation in mysterious places.


The Lord is infinitely faithful
Words, once said.
Adam and eve it
Christ promised.
And met the Covenants:
Old with what is new.
Meet forever
Let it be a lesson for us:
The Lord comes to meet
Only to those who seek eternity.


With wondrous joy of humility,
A great sense surrendering,
Met the Lord Candlemas
We all smiled at people.

Let song clean tingle
Hearts your sympathetic sound,
In all cases favors
Good luck, my friend.

God wants to give you,
That was so easy,
A soul of light, grace
Stuck far.


Destiny, history intertwined,
Merged covenants together,
In the sky the bright stars lit up,
The son of God on earth. What miracle!

* Hold on to my love,
Keeps in mind the love of Christ,
He keeps your family,
Forget the vanities of the world.


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