Conservatives are not impressed with the performance of Trump’s Supreme Court justices

Conservatives are not impressed with the performance of Trump’s Supreme Court justices

Conservatives are not impressed with the performance of Trump’s Supreme Court justices

The honeymoon may have ended between social conservatives and newer members of the Supreme Court of the United States appointed by former President Donald Trump.

Axios points to an anecdote that shows the problem: Former Vice President Mike Pence spoke at the annual Family Leadership Summit, one of the leading conservative organizations in the important state of Iowa.

Pence touted the Trump administration’s record of conservative judge appointments at all levels.

“We appoint more than 300 conservatives to our federal courts at all levels, including Justice. Neil gorsuch, Justice Brett kavanaugh and how about justice Amy Coney Barrett. Isn’t she something? “

What he got from the audience were crickets.

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Unimpressed social conservatives

With the appointment of Justice Amy Coney Barrett following the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg last fall, conservatives were elated that the highest court in the nation was right-leaning, or so they thought.

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Bob Vander Plaats, president and CEO of The Family Leader, in an interview with Fox News said he was not surprised by the “golf shot” Vice President Pence received at the mention of the Supreme Court justices.

He said: “I think they are not satisfied at all with Kavanaugh and even with Amy Coney Barrett.” He added,

“What I think they saw there was that there were a lot of excessive promises about whether we get the Supreme Court, if we get the judges, watch out, they will rule with the Constitution, the original intention.”

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Some questionable decisions

Among some of the decisions from the recently concluded session that have disappointed conservatives, the court could not put one last nail in the ObamaCare coffin, something that has been the target of the Republican Party for some time.

The court also set foot on the rights of transgender people, and ruled in favor of a transgender student who wanted to choose his bathroom.

In what could have been the latest blow to conservatives, in December the court dismissed a lawsuit filed by the state of Texas to dismiss the results of elections in four states where governors or bureaucrats changed election laws instead of legislatures. state, as prescribed in the Constitution.

While it did not comment on the possibility of voter fraud or the legitimacy of the election, the court simply said that Texas had no standing to present the case.

President Trump himself has also expressed his displeasure. During an interview with Real America’s Voice Network, he said: “I am very disappointed. I fought very hard for them, but was very disappointed with several of their failures. “

To be fair, the court did get some high marks. In a free speech case, the court ruled that a school could not reprimand a cheerleader for using profanity off campus. It also maintained the Arizona practice of disqualifying ballots cast in the wrong precinct, even those cast by accident.

But the court seemed to kick another case involving religious rights and same-sex couples. Barronelle Stutzman is a Christian florist in Washington State. He has been fighting for his religious rights for a decade by refusing to provide flowers for a same-sex couple’s wedding on the grounds that it violated his religious beliefs.

After the Washington Supreme Court ruled against him twice, the Supreme Court refused to hear his case and protect his rights.

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Liberals trying to catch up

In an effort to ensure that the court is not lost for a generation to conservatives, liberals and progressives have lobbied Judge Stephen Breyer to resign. Following Ginsburg’s death, Breyer became the highest-ranking liberal judge at the court.

Clinton-appointed Breyer has been a member of the court for 27 years and will turn 83 in August. There are even Democratic members of Congress who have asked Breyer to resign so that President Joe Biden can appoint a younger, possibly more liberal, judge to the court.

However, to the dismay of the left, Breyer says he has no plans to resign.

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