Considered to be a useful and delicious fruit to fight cancer

Назван полезный и вкусный фрукт для борьбы с раком

Avocado is not only a tasty fruit but also a serious prophylactic against oral cancer. Antioncological the effect of avocado has identified and analysed by experts from the University of Ohio (USA).

American scientists have isolated the extract of avocado Hass is the most available and common varieties of this fruit (in total there are more than 500 different varieties of avocado!). Then they took cancer cells and subjected them to treatment using this extract.

The result allowed the scientists to argue that the cancer has not transferred the long neighbourhood with avocado. Theoretically, it is possible that avocado can be antioncological means a wider profile than was intended only to cancer of the oral cavity.

Mouth cancer fairly common cancer. Every year they get sick, according to the world Health Organization, about 350-400 thousand people. Four of the cases ends in death. It is curious that men develop cancer of the mouth is approximately twice more often than women. Apparently, the reason was a greater inclination to tobacco, not Smoking, and chewing or snuff types.

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