Conspiracies on money, love and luck via the usual pins

Заговоры на деньги, любовь и удачу посредством обычной булавки

The conspiracies developed over centuries among the people. Even our grandmothers used this powerful tool – pins – and not for nothing, but nothing we didn’t listen to them and not trusted them. Conspiracies on pins and wearing them is what will lead you to success, money and love! Carefully study the article and hurry to apply in practice.

Conspiracies with the help of pins

Nothing complicated, as you probably guessed, the procedure is not. Only need to find the pin (in specialized sewing Studio you can even pick up a nice option accessories) and talk to her. Now decide what you want to see in your life. And act!+

1. Conspiracy for good luck

In order to attract good luck, you will need to speak to a pin as follows:+

  • At night, when one day follows another, take a small pin and get a room in a suitable place.
  • Place a pin on a fresh towel and light a candle.
  • Now, say exactly as it is written, the word conspiracy: “a Small pin – a great happiness. Point is put the sharp end on luck, stupid — to get rid of the problem. Pin with me, not telling anyone. Attracted to the life of well-being.”
  • Then need to put the pin in candle wax and leave until morning.
  • After removal of the wax, you can start wearing the accessories. Luck will not keep you waiting! Pin it in an inconspicuous place on the clothes and wait for the result.

2. Conspiracy money

To attract financial wealth, do as follows:+

  • Prepare fake paper money, a gold pin (plated similar), Holy water.
  • Pin obmochennuyu in Holy water, you will need to pierce as many fake bills and fasten it.
  • It is important to say: “a Pin sharp Yes fast, money found himself cleaned up. Tightly they clung to me with a profit returned”.
  • Now pin important storing to real money. It could be a pocket in your purse or place where you keep the savings. The result will not keep itself waiting: you will receive a raise, an unexpected cash gift or something much nicer.

3. Love spell

If you want with the help of pins and conspiracy to attract love, you need:+

  • Cut from scarlet material woven of two hearts and to write on one’s own initials and the initials on the second object of his adoration.
  • If you are still undecided, you can write on the second woven heart the word “fiance” or “wife.”
  • You will also need to find and burn a red wax candle, placing it on the hearts.
  • Open a pre-prepared pin to drive over the flame of a burning candle and speak the words: “the Fire grows bright, like summer time, hot. Inspire with love sincere, pure feelings. Safety pin fasten, you soon wish. Wake up liking the indissoluble, life-long mutual love”.
  • Heart of fabric then you will need to connect with pins and at night to clean up under the sheet. If had a good dream, you soon meet true love is inevitable! However, in the case when the dreams of the conspiracy after the pin was wrong, the ritual needs to be repeated after 2-3 days.

All you need to remember performing the described rituals and making the plot to the pin – greed and selfishness are not your friends. If all you are led in during the procedure is called quality, the result can not occur. Be honest, sincere and open, and will succeed!

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