Conspiracies on the run

Conspiracies on the run

Basically, you have to have serious problems to have the idea of insulting others on social networks. But when conspirators go so far as to threaten politicians through these same channels, it makes you wonder where our world is going.

The very interesting file on the COVID generation, published in our pages yesterday, highlights the concerns of young people about the public debt that will weigh on their shoulders after this crisis. They are also worried about the job market, and about their future in general.

To these concerns, we can add that it is also disturbing to see what a divided and too polarized world we leave them.

Threats and insults

The threats recently sent to Prime Minister Legault, as well as to the National Director of Public Health and MP Pascal Bérubé highlight one of the darker sides of the human being.

Nourished by social networks where everyone thinks they can do anything, this dark side has dangerously obscured in several hotheads, in these times of COVID.

And we can't pretend these zigots don't exist. We must be concerned about it.

Idiots finished

If in doubt about this need, see the comments under the recent publications of the Prime Minister, and worse still, of Deputy Prime Minister Geneviève Guilbault, about the pandemic and the health measures in force. There is something to be embarrassed about!

Foolish idiots allow themselves to post fake photos where the politician is exposed in a degrading way. We insult, denigrate, ridicule, paranoid and relay false information suggesting that there is no pandemic and that we live in a dictatorship.

But where are the arguments? Where is the real debate, structured and intelligent? Our young people deserve better than a world marked by a ham revolution.

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