Conspiracies, traditions and superstitions 13 Mar

March 13 in the national calendar Vasiliev day

Замовляння, традиції і прикмети 13 березня

March 13, according to folk calendar: Basil the Confessor, Basil, Vasiliev day, Basil-drip, drip, kaplunik, small caps, warm fleece shortness of breath, reports Rus.Media.

Tradition 13 Mar

In this day it was customary to bring into the house of a pine branch is believed that it purifies the air in the house and gives health of its residents.

Of pine buds and needles were prepared in the day in a variety of infusions and teas. From this day begins to melt the snow on the roof, I believe that this day is always a thaw.

In children suffering from dropsy, when swollen belly, the peasants said, “the Trouble found on children: growing up in the belly”. This disease is called sheep’s shortness of breath. Children suffering from this disease can be cured by this remedy: the sickly child, wrapped in sheepskin coat, the mother laid near the threshold, and the father at this time herded sheep in the house and then again he kicked. The peasants believed that the sheep, stepping over a sick child, carrying with them a child’s illness.

In many places in this day sawing wood, the sleigh were taken to the river of logs for the alloy.

Plots 13 Mar

Guardian from harm

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit.

To me the Holy living cross.

Get away from me, every devil,

Any danger, death, naprasnosti.

From the treacherous knife

From the noose, sword, axe,

Slander, evil conspiracy.

The guardian angel of mine, stay with me:

All days, all hours, day per diem.

Key, lock, language.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

Plots how to remove Morocco

If human Morocco, it is possible in this way very quickly to remove it. The 13th of any month, move the patient to the river, but this place was neither animals nor people. When people go into water on a belt, you need, holding his hand, rotate three times clockwise and say:

You, the water-mother, and you, God’s grace,

You baptize people, the elderly

And small children.

You wash the dead,

You all drink and food poured.

You all the rules

Clean, wash,

In all sorts of strange cases help.

Help and I, the servant of God (name),

With (such) to remove Morocco,

Don’t let bole (so)

Nothing to suffer.

Arise, first star and second,

Followed my star Volkhov.

Lips, teeth key, lock, language.

Amen. Amen.


Signs 13 Mar

  • Come Basil-drip — winter cry.
  • If Vasiliev day rain, be summer good.
  • Basil-drip drop gives, drops really are — to a good year.
  • If appear around a tree-cool edge — a steep spring will be, childbirth — spring prataglia.
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