Construction: the negotiations have abortions in the residential sector

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About 165,000 workers are due to renew their collective agreement in Quebec as a whole.

A little more than two weeks of the deadline provided for by the special act that had put an end to the strike in the construction industry, the negotiations come to an abortion in the residential sector, has learned The canadian Press.


After talks with the trade union Alliance held up in the evening on Wednesday, the management party that negotiates for the sector, the Association of professional construction and housing of Quebec (APCHQ), slammed the door, she confirmed on Thursday.


During an interview, the vice-president for strategic Development and communications of the APCHQ, François-William Simard, has accused the trade union Alliance have denied his word, because she would have refused to sign an agreement that had been agreed upon between the parties at the end of the day.


“Wednesday, we negotiated all day. There are several counter-offers that have been made from both sides. What is most interesting is that it has accepted the latest counter-offer to the union, ” said Mr. Simard.


“It is said that the ridiculous does not kill, and fortunately, because it is unlikely to be what happened : they refused to sign an agreement-in-principle on their own “, claiming that they wanted to consult their tax advisor to thoroughly evaluate their offers, said Mr. Simard.


Believing that she was wasting his time, the APCHQ has withdrawn from the negotiating table, and it has asked the government to put an end to the mediation which had been undertaken in his area.

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“It has the unfortunate feeling that we were losing our time. There is no desire to resolve finally ” dropped the spokesperson for the employers.




For its part, the trade union Alliance has not wanted to enter into the details of the negotiation nor replicate point by point to the version given by the employer’s share of the residential sector.


The Alliance brings together the five trade union organisations, the industry, in order of importance : the FTQ-Construction, the Conseil provincial du Québec des métiers de la construction (International), the Syndicat québécois de la construction, the CSD Construction and the CSN-Construction.


The Alliance said “take note” of the version management. It will bring together its members on Friday to the point, after having spoken to his negotiators to “learn what happened to the table, which is said to be” at the fair.


The following


The special law that had been adopted to put an end to the strike, the 30th of may last, gives the parties until October 30, for hearing, failing which the unresolved issues will be submitted to arbitration.


In the residential sector is, therefore, the wage question, which will be submitted to arbitration, since the other clauses had been the subject of an agreement, ” stated Mr. Simard.


Time is of the essence so for the industry as a whole, in order to renew the collective agreements which relate to approximately 165 000 workers in Québec as a whole.


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An agreement-in-principle complete was all the same occurred, to the end of September, in the sector of the civil engineering and roads, between the trade union Alliance and the Association of road builders and heavy construction.


In addition to the residential sector, two other sectors of the industry have not yet been resolved, namely the industrial, commercial-institutional. The collective agreements in these two sectors are negotiated between the trade union Alliance and the Association de la construction du Québec.


Under the special act has been passed, the arbitrator shall rule on the points still in dispute — if that is the case — will make its award not later than 30 April next. And the arbitral award will bind the parties until April 30, 2021.