Containment: Canadians flock to the screens

The video on the internet, video conferences, and television have greatly gained in popularity in the country during the crisis of the COVID-19, according to a survey conducted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

The viewing of online videos on platforms such as Netflix or Illico has known the bond the more important, since 53 % of respondents watching more in April than the previous month. The live tv was not in rest, with 46% of people surveyed were more glued to their small screen in march.

The use of video conferencing to stay in touch with loved ones or colleagues has also climbed, because 43 % of households surveyed said they had increased their use.

“As people stay at home, many people are willing to try new products and services that make them accessible to the technology. The current crisis could have long-lasting effects on the canadian consumption of technologies, as more than two in five Canadians (43 %) have said they want to continue to use these products and services after the pandemic COVID-19”, said the director of research, CTA, Lesley Rohrbaugh, by press release on Tuesday.

The screens would also help the public to better get through the crisis, as 65% of people surveyed indicated that the technologies in the home “helped them to feel less isolated during the period of containment”.

Online purchasing also has a growing popularity, since 58% of the respondents have mentioned that they have greatly increased the use of online services because they are stuck in them.

This survey was conducted online by aoc of the 17th and the 19th of April 2020, with 1,000 canadian adults.

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