Containment: nearly 100 traffic tickets in Quebec since the beginning of the pandemic

Confinement: près de 100 constats d’infraction à Québec depuis le début de la pandémie

The SPVQ has indicated that they have donated a total of 98 violations in connection with behaviours that did not comply with the rules of containment issued by the health public.

During a press conference, three weeks ago, the chief of police of Quebec, Robert Pigeon, had indicated that the Service de police de la Ville de Québec (SPVQ) was receiving about 100 calls per days for complaints related to the non-compliance of the containment. At this time, twenty of statements of offence had been submitted to the DPCP.

Since then, the police have the option to submit a statement of offence “on-the-field” under the public health Act. Thus, the SPVQ says it is now able to recognize more easily these tickets. In the last few weeks, he had refused to give this figure to the public via the media.

Monday morning, police in Quebec said they have submitted a total of 98 offences since the beginning of the decree, there are now more than a month. These fines are$ 1,000 free from charges established to 546$.

The findings abstracts – or portable – can be given directly by police officers since the beginning of the month of April, after that the DPCP has expanded the rules on these reports of general crime.

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