Containment: Trump calls a “release” of the States governed by democrats

Confinement: Trump appelle à «libérer» des États gouvernés par des démocrates

The us president, Donald Trump, seemed to support Friday of the demonstrators, who were protesting against the instructions of containment to combat the spread of the coronavirus, calling to “free up” the three States governed by democrats.

In capital letters, and a handful of minutes apart, Mr. Trump wrote on his account to almost 80 million subscribers: “Free Minnesota! “, “Free Michigan!” and ” Free Virginia “.

For this latter State, he added, in reference to the American right to bear arms: “And save your wonderful second amendment. It is under siege! “

These three States are headed by governors democrats who have ordered their inhabitants to remain among them. The pandemic has claimed more than 30 000 deaths in the United States, which identified Friday, nearly 700 000 new cases of coronavirus, according to the Johns Hopkins university.

Michigan is home to almost 2,000 people dead, Virginia 208 and the Minnesota 87 deaths.

In these States, protesters have breached this week in order to stay home to protest against the confinement, and to call their governors to reopen the economy.

In Minnesota, in St Paul, they were just several hundred on Friday gathered under the slogan “Free the Minnesota” in front of the residence of the governor Tim Walz, according to the local press.

Lansing, capital of Michigan, they were about 3 000 Wednesday, sometimes armed, to denounce governor democrat Gretchen Whitmer, some carrying banners in favor of Donald Trump.

In contemplation among the choice of colistières the democratic candidate for the White House Joe Biden, the governor said he hoped that the tweets of Donald Trump would ” not encourage more events “.

“There is a lot of anxiety and I think the most important thing that someone with a platform like Twitter could do would be to use” to say to people, “We will get through this” “, she added during a press conference.

The governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam has asserted that he had “no time to (s’)to engage in wars on Twitter. “My team and I are in the process of conducting biological warfare” against the virus, he imparted to journalists.

Mr. Northam has recently enacted several laws to limit the sales of arms and increase checks on buyers (” background checks “), which could explain the tweet from Donald Trump.

As the leader of the Minnesota, Tim Walz, and he said that his “first responsibility” was to protect the population. “If I thought that we could go back to work tomorrow, this is exactly what we would do “, he added.

The democratic governor of the State of Washington, Jay Inslee, was indignant tweets presidential, as they encourage, according to him, ” dangerous and unlawful acts “.

“It puts millions of people in danger of catching the Covid-19. His tirades are unbalanced and its calls to “free” States could also lead to violence “, he tweeted.

According to a spokesperson of Twitter, these tweets Donald Trump are too “vague and ambiguous” that the social network can “infer an intent to harm” and delete them.

Further protests are planned Saturday, including in Concord New Hampshire, Annapolis Maryland, Austin, Texas and in Colorado.

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