Content of nature “pornographic”: a man wants to sue the NFL for… 867 trillion $

Contenu de nature «pornographique»: un homme veut poursuivre la NFL pour... 867 billions $

A militant christian has the intention of pursuing the NFL for his last show of the half-time, believing that the content was pornographic in nature.

Dave Daubenmire, a resident of Ohio, has stated in his podcast that he was going to file a lawsuit of 867 trillion $ against the professional circuit, Pepsi (the main sponsor of the show), the company that provides the cable and maybe other people.

The one who has already been head coach at the secondary level there has really not appreciated the clothes and the Latin dances performed by Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, and this, even if he has not watched the show…

“I didn’t play it in my house. I closed the tv because of the last editions of the Super Bowl. I knew what it would look and I didn’t want it at me. I have, however, been excerpts the next day and I saw a lot of shots of between her legs,” said Daubenmire in a video posted on his page in Facebook.

“We will continue to the greatest possible number of people to have brings pornography into our homes and to have contributed to the perversion of the individuals are minors. What we saw was a performance of strip club,” continued this sympathizer of the movement, the “Alt-right”, which has made headlines for his opposition to marriage between individuals belonging to different ethnic groups.

It must be mentioned that Daubenmire is not close to being in a court in the face of the NFL, who is actively seeking a lawyer…

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