Contra Magazin spoke about the danger of the transformation of Germany in Germanistan

Germany has for a long time mass immigrate people from different parts of the world, while the Germans are often looking for salvation abroad, says Austrian Contra Magazin. This trend in the future will only increase, and threatens the country with a complete replacement of the population, so the author of the article Marco Mayer does not preclude the idea of Germany’s “Islamic Republic Germanistan”.

Contra Magazin рассказал об опасности превращения ФРГ в Германистан

ReutersНе does the migration policy of Germany to the complete replacement of the population? How the country would develop in the coming decades from a demographic point of view? According to the publisher of an Austrian magazine Contra Magazin Marco Mayer, there is a risk that Germany will become “Germanistan”.

From his point of view, recent months are bound to bring back memories of Germany of the 50s and 60s years. This is especially true of large cities where demographic changes are manifested most clearly. In the coming decades, these changes will become even clearer, says the author.

The reason Marco Meyer sees in already a long time of ongoing mass immigration of people from different parts of the world, while an increasing number of Germans — and, first and foremost, with high qualifications, — “looking for salvation” abroad and still live there.

As noted by the Austrian magazine, in Germany is considered politically incorrect to talk about “change of population”, however, the term “exchange” or “transfer” of the population is used. So, according to Mayer, called the migration policy of the last decade.

The ethnic composition of Germany has undergone significant changes over the past decade — and in the coming years this trend will “dramatically accelerate,” warns the author.

What can you expect the Germans by 2050, and what will become of them by the year 2100? By assumption, Marco Maier, Germany risks becoming an “Islamic Republic Germanistan”. In the end, the country has an active immigration from Muslims. In addition, fertility rates among the representatives of the respective denominations higher than Christians or atheists, concludes Marco Meyer in Contra Magazin.

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