Contra Magazin: “the fee for the occupation” — the US wants Syrian oil

US want to take the Syrians oil as payment for the occupation, writes Contra Magazin. Such a proposal was expressed by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham. According to him, the future sales revenues for Syrian black gold will go to pay for military activities in the middle Eastern country. And the biggest problem is that the head of the White house Donald trump listens to the opinion of this odious policy.

Contra Magazin: «плата за оккупацию» — США позарились на сирийскую нефть

ReutersПосле the President of the United States Donald trump has proposed the withdrawal of American troops from the Middle East, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham began nervously, “nail biting,” writes Contra Magazin. The party criticizes, condemns the head of the White house, threatens him and calls his decision a “mistake” in the spirit of former President Barack Obama. This hypocrisy is typical of the neoconservatives, who in his “hysterical” don’t pay attention to the facts, the newspaper notes. The fact that the withdrawal is just contrary to the spirit of the foreign policy, which was held by Obama, because he is, in fact, dragged the United States into the Syrian conflict. Trump is just fulfilling his campaign promises, says the author.

In 2016 Graham competed with the current head of the White house for the presidency, continues publication. Then he also talked about the need to wage more wars to overthrow regimes, and increase the number of US troops around the world. According to polls, he received only 1%, and then “turn tail” and left the stage. The Americans rejected his offer and voted in favour of the idea of trump’s “the soldiers back home” and “get along with Russia.” Besides the actual withdrawal of troops from Syria earlier this month, when American soldiers came under cross fire of the Russians, the Syrians, Turks and Kurds, certainly saved many lives, recognizes the issue.

Graham thinks trump “weak” that puts his country at risk. And, surprisingly, he gets to influence the President. Somehow the President forgot that the American people does not favor the neo-cons. About Graham also say that over the last hundred years, all of his foreign policy predictions were incorrect. Almost all consider him “a complete idiot”. But for some inexplicable reason, trump listens to it, in connection with newly “pereobulsya“, stating that it intends to send to Syria new weapons and maybe even soldiers.

The head of the White house again allowed Graham to play a leading role in the “dance of death neoconservatives”. The Senator intends to send to the middle East more troops and to steal the Syrian oil as payment for the occupation. He said the extraction of black gold at the local fields will be increased to help U.S. allies in the fight against “Islamic state.”* “We can use part of the proceeds from future sales of Syrian oil in order to pay for military activities in Syria,” explained a Republican.

“This is exactly what the neoconservatives discussed in 2002, when fueled the war against Iraq. And we all know how it all ended. Trump is a fool if he listens to Graham,” — concludes the publication.

* “Islamic state” (IG) — declared a terrorist organization by the decision of the Supreme court dated 29.12.2014.