Contracts that are less lucrative

The players of the national hockey League have requested two more weeks to think about what they plan to do with the $ 120 million that team owners must pay them, this clearly demonstrates that the return-to-work will be done in specific conditions, conditions which will have to respect the reality.

Therefore, one can immediately argue that certain owners will have to orient their action plan to other sectors, in other words, organizations will struggle.

Can they survive ?

Will they be able to continue their activities, while revenues are dwindling, with a dramatic fashion ?

The players ask for two weeks of reflection, it is explained by the fact that the loss of income created by the work stoppage will, in large part, be filled by the players themselves.

You know the clause ” trust “, isn’t it ?

They have the choice. Keep the $ 120 million in a safety deposit box for all eventualities seems to be a logical solution. In other words, all of the payroll checks would be deposited in an appropriate account. If, one chooses the other option, it’s a safe bet that the amount that will be required to pay the players to make up the shortfall will reach 30 %.

One way for owners to pass on the message : we will no longer offer contracts to$ 10 Million per season. It’s going to take several seasons to regain some financial balance.

Oh, if you had to arrive at 30 %, this would mean that Carey Price would lose$ 3 Million… On the table, there is a cheque of$ 1.5 Million, before tax, that he has made the Canadian. He will have to choose between cash the cheque of$ 1.5 Million or risk losing$ 3 Million next year. Oops…

A problem

It was asserted yesterday that the NBA had a plan to relaunch the season 2019-2020 and that a period of 14 days was provided for individual training, as well as another period of 11 days for a mini-training camp.

The problem : it will have to wait for the month of may before it is known if the u.s. government grants permission to professional sports to resume the activities.

If the national hockey League stops on such a scenario, how will react to players employed by teams that are already apart of the playoffs and before resuming training for 8 to 10 matches ?

This gives even more weight to a calendar gathering the 68 first matches of each team, and let’s move immediately to the series…

Romanov : as early as next year

It is confirmed, or very nearly, Alexander Romanov is set to change in the organization of the Canadian next year. Unless an unexpected turn, it will appear within the brigade’s defensive Habs.

He is an advocate for left-handed, he has been one of the great stars of training to Russian at the world championship of hockey. It is said to be talented, and it is asserted that there is a player who acclimates quickly to a new environment due to his personality.

However, I find it hard to understand why a player with such a profile played sporadically with the formation of Moscow in the KHL. The leaders of the Canadian meet the leaders of the training moscow wanted to make him pay the price for his decision to leave the KHL to the profits of the Habs.

In this regard, if this is the case, the leaders of the training Russian have not acted in the best interests of their organization and of their league. How a young player with the ambition to evolve in the national League, he could now consider to evolve for the Moscow team, knowing that he would reserve as a treatment that suffered by the Romanov if he ever had the opportunity to evolve in the NHL ?


A bit like all of you, I’m disturbed. The scandal that hits the Quebec chapter of the CHSLD puts everything in perspective.

It is upsetting. It’s a shame. And, to tell you the truth, it’s scary.

I will not be a parallel between the sport and everything that is happening in the world of our seniors in Quebec.

We were away from the reality.

But when you reach a certain age and becomes aware of everything that is happening now in some NURSING homes, it is hoped that the government will take the necessary decisions. The decisions that we would have had to take, there are dozens of years.

Not only this is hardly reassuring, it is also scary.

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