Contradictory Messages in Ottawa on the eligibility of the PCU

Messages contradictoires à Ottawa sur l'admissibilité à la PCU

Then that began Sunday, the third cycle of the Delivery of the canadian emergency (PKU), multiple conflicting information circulating at the federal level regarding the eligibility of workers who refuse to return to their job during the déconfinement.

Your employer has reminded you at work, but you do not want to return to it because you are worried about your health or the health of your loved ones? You then ask if you can continue to avail yourself of the amount of $ 2000 per month you are currently paying the federal government.

To this question, there are many bell sounds different which resonate at Ottawa. According to the office of the minister of national Revenue, Diane Lebouthiller, a worker who refuses to return to work – for whatever reason – can continue to receive the SFP.



A spokesman for the minister added that no eligibility criterion does not mention the obligation to return to work. Those who receive the PCU via the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) must not respond to any question concerning the possibility of a return to work, precise-t-on.

Last Wednesday, during the question period, the vice-prime minister of Canada, asked by chrystia Freeland, has indicated that a worker who does not feel safe may still remain eligible for the SFP and refuse to return to work.

However, the liberal mp Wayne Easter, who chairs the standing Committee on finance in Ottawa, argues that if the provinces decide to re-open some sectors of the economy, a worker who refuses a return is no longer eligible for the PCU.

Arrested several times in the last few days by the journalists in order to clarify the guidelines, the prime minister Justin Trudeau has left a lot of room for interpretation. He mentioned that people have reason to be concerned, but that a refusal to work could have an impact on their eligibility for PKU.

In the eligibility criteria for the benefit on the CRA website, no detail has yet been given to this subject.

Remember that those who intend to avail themselves of the PCU for the period may 10 to June 6, must renew their application by visiting the CRA’s web site or by calling the 1-800-959-2019.

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