Contrary to Trump, thanks to Russia: Der Spiegel about the details of the operation to eliminate al-Baghdadi

Вопреки Трампу, благодаря России: Der Spiegel о деталях операции по ликвидации аль-Багдади

The operation to destroy the leader of the “Islamic state” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was successful largely in spite of the actions of the White house Donald trump, reports Der Spiegel. His hasty decision about the withdrawal of American troops from Syria forced the Pentagon to take a risk and conduct the operation at night. Besides, you never know what role in it was played by Russia, which the head of the White house thanked first.

The death of the leader of the Islamic state* Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is a great success for US President Donald trump, because he gave the go-ahead for the operation to eliminate the most wanted terrorist in the world, writes Der Spiegel. “But the more we learn about the US operation, the more it raises questions,” the newspaper notes.As in the case of murder of the leader of the terrorist group “al-Qaeda”** Osama bin Laden, the official version of events, probably, also will not stand the test of facts. Besides, do not forget that trump is famous for its rich imagination and the ability to distort information. So after a couple of hours after the official confirmation of the killing of al-Baghdadi, it became clear that the reality is more complicated than the first impression.To start the murder of the leader of the terrorist cannot be regarded as “100% destruction” of ISIS, the newspaper notes. Unlike the White house, many experts caution against premature jubilation, arguing that the terrorists can still come back, especially against the background of reduction of American troops in the region.Trump has described the details of the transaction as if it is a real “reality show”. “Only that something really important happened!” — a “seed” he left in his Twitter, and then kept silent for 12 hours. In the end, speaking to reporters, he announced the elimination of al-Baghdadi: “He died like a dog, like a coward… He whined, howled and cried.” One gets the impression as if he personally were present at the operation. The words of the head of the White house could not confirm even the Minister of defense mark Esper.During the investigation, which was conducted by American journalists, it became known that information about the whereabouts of al-Baghdadi, the CIA received from his wife. With the help of Kurdish and Iraqi intelligence the Americans were able to decipher her message. The operation was successful largely “in spite of the Trump.” In particular, due to its hasty decision on the withdrawal of American troops from Syria the Pentagon had to risk it and carry out the elimination night.Many drew attention to the fact that the head of the White house in the first place thanks for the help in the destruction of the leader of ISIS is Russia and then Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Kurds, security forces and finally American soldiers. While in Moscow his gratitude shrugged, doubting the reliability of the data presented and the success of the operation. Besides, it became known that on the eve of the operation trump consulted with the Russian side. The Democrats didn’t know anything about what is happening. It shows who the President of the United States trusts, the newspaper notes.It is possible that the trump will be able to extract from the killing of terrorist No. 1 political benefit. However, it will likely produce short-term effect. After the elimination of Osama bin Laden rating of former President Barack Obama has risen from 46% to 52%, but quickly fell back to 46%.

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