Convalescent, Boris Johnson talks with Trump

Convalescent, Boris Johnson s’entretient avec Trump

Boris Johnson, who is convalescing at the new coronavirus after his hospitalization, met Tuesday with u.s. president Donald Trump, marking the beginning of back to business for the british prime minister, has said a spokesman.

Mr. Johnson spoke with the american leader the pandemic, but also a future trade agreement, the post-Brexit with the United States, his favorite subject.

“The leaders agreed on the importance of a coordinated international response in the face of the coronavirus, including through the G7, the group of the most industrialized countries, whose presidency is currently held by the United States, said the spokesman in a press release.

Itself hit by the virus and released on April 12, of the hospital, Boris Johnson, 55, is recovering at Chequers, the country residence of the heads of government of british, alongside his fiancée pregnant, Carrie Symonds.

On the menu of his exchange with Donald Trump was also the relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States after the release of the countries of the european Union (EU) at the end of January.

“The leaders are committed to continue to work together to strengthen their bilateral relationship, including the signing of a free trade agreement as soon as possible,” detailed the spokesperson.

The negotiations between the EU and the Uk have taken over Monday by video conference after an interruption of several weeks due to coronavirus, that weakens, however, the prospect of a deal by the end of December, the deadline set by the parties to agree.

Boris Johnson, who is temporarily being replaced by his chief of diplomacy, Dominic Raab, must also meet this week with queen Elizabeth II, the first weekly audience with the sovereign to which it will participate in three weeks.

But “it does not strictly governmental work,” said his spokesman.

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