Conversation on Bankova: why did the President met with religious leaders


Разговор на Банковой: зачем Президент встречался с религиозными лидерами

The position of Ukrainian denominations in the world differ. Photo: SPMIn anticipation of the “Normandy summit”, which can be taken the fateful decision to end the war in the Donbass, the President sought support from religious leaders.
4 Dec 2019, the President met with representatives of churches and religious organizations of Ukraine. Official information about the event gave the presidential site which said that this event was held ahead of the meeting, “Norman four” in Paris on 9 December 2019 As is known, it will be the first international negotiations of Vladimir Zelensky such a high level and such a complex issue. And our President wants to enlist the broadest possible support in these negotiations.

Разговор на Банковой: зачем Президент встречался с религиозными лидерами

Vladimir Zelensky with religious leaders. Photo: Zelensky was elected as the President of the world. Voted for by voters who believed his promises to stop the war. But once formally at the helm, Vladimir Zelensky found that it surrounds the war party. The party binds the President’s hands and feet, she wants peace, she doesn’t want the breakaway DNI and LC again returned to the state and legal field of Ukraine.

Yes, this party has no support in society. Her supporters are small but so active and radical, that have the ability to impose its will and the President and the entire Ukrainian society.

The truth is you can ask a question: and how sincere he V. Zelensky in his desire for peace? For answer refer to the characteristic V. Zelensky, which gave him his Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry, shortly after the inauguration: “I Think that the words that he spoke, was not a masquerade, and this was what prompted the soul and is the main desires of his tenure of the Presidency: this is the end of the war, it is the desire of people to improve the conditions of life in our state, and to unite the country, not to divide on any grounds”.

And so the President, if he is openly threatened by Maidan, that is, the forcible removal from power if at “channel summit” he will make real steps towards peace, seeking support from religious leaders of major Ukrainian confessions. Let’s analyze the words that were expressed at this meeting and see who is for and who is against peace in our country.

The presidential website reports that in the beginning of the meeting Vladimir Zelensky: “thanked for the joint appeal of bishops to the residents of temporarily occupied territories…”. This refers to the video which was published by the newly elected President on 13 may 2019, it called for peace and understanding.

In part: “honorable Patriarch” Filaret Denisenko, his Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry, head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Svyatoslav Shevchuk, the mufti of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Ukraine “Ummah”, Sheikh said Ismagilov, the mufti of Crimea Ayder group mufti Akhmed Tamim, the chief Rabbi of Odessa and southern Ukraine Avraham wolf, chief Rabbi of the Dnieper and the Dnepropetrovsk region Shmuel Kaminezki, the chief Rabbi of Kharkov and East of Ukraine Moshe Moskovich, chief Rabbi of Kyiv Moshe Reuven Asman, chief Rabbi of Donbass Pinchas Vesecky. In principle, all those who were at the meeting with the President on 4 December. And here’s one very important detail: the only one who refused to participate in the call for peace in the Donbas was the head of the DNC Epiphany Dumenko. Refused for the reason that in the proposed text were the words that you need to stop talking the language of cannons and machine guns. Epiphanius was worried that such words can be perceived as a call for talks with representatives of the unrecognized republics.

What did Epiphanius President at this time?

“Churches have a great potential to be used in those peace initiatives, which you now manifest to end this terrible war. We pray for peace – a just peace in Ukraine. <…> Sometimes they (the people of Ukraine – Ed.) don’t understand they need to convey more information to convince. The Church can perform this mission to convey truthful information. For example, people often ask me: how do you feel about the land market, to the settlement of the situation in Donbas, etc.” – said the Epiphany Dumenko.

In these words it is possible to detect two or even three messages.

The first is the fact that Epiphanius does not allow for thinking about just peace in Ukraine. He needs a “fair world”. What is “fair world” one can imagine by the statements of politicians and the national-radicals, which relies on a religious structure Epiphanios Dumenko.

For example, the words of the annual address to the Verkhovna Rada, former President Poroshenko 20.09.2018 G.: “the World is a beautiful and attractive packaging in which to put anything. Therefore, we must be vigilant. Don’t forget that the enemy didn’t come here for the Crimea and the Donbass, the enemy came over the whole Ukraine. Because without Ukraine, the Empire is impossible”.

The head of the national radical organization “Azov” expressed directly: “We need peace on our terms” (interview 24.09.2018 g) in Other words “just peace” is “war to the bitter end.” True or not that is a separate issue, but the fact remains that in the presidential election the overwhelming majority of Ukrainian citizens voted against this “fair world”, it voted for peace.

Second. Epiphany opened my eyes to the President that the people of Ukraine is slow-witted and irresponsible. He does not understand his own happiness, he need to explain. And religious organizations may perform this function.

And from this immediately follows the third message: Epiphanius proposed to the President the services of his religious structures in order to carry the weight of government policies. Church analysts, based on the statements of the founders of the DNC, wrote repeatedly that the organization was originally conceived as one of the pillars of the Ukrainian state, which should serve the interests of the state, and thus power. In fact, Epiphanius suggested that Vladimir Zelensky their services, of course in exchange for the support of the authorities, without which ptsu, there simply can not: the state will support PCU and PCU will be to explain to the people decisions of the government on the land market and other issues.

Far removed from the Epiphany and the head of the Ukrainian Catholic rite of the Orthodox Sviatoslav Shevchuk. He began with a blatant untruth. According to the website of the President, Shevchuk, “noted that Ukraine is a democratic state, where all feel at home – regardless of religion, and religious community values this situation”.

And about a hundred captured Ukrainian Orthodox churches, it also fits into the concept of freedom, regardless of religion? And people, including children, being subjected to harassment only because they belong to the canonical Church, it is also a religious freedom? And the priests of the UOC, which are thrown out from their homes with their families? Well, in principle, such statements in the best Jesuit tradition.

And wished Shevchuk, the President is this: “I wish you the strength of Moses, who was able to tell Pharaoh: “Let my people go”. Because no one today so not interested in peace in Ukraine, as the Ukrainians themselves. Russia has its own interests, the rich countries of the West mine. We can not in these negotiations to recede from his desire to be a free and independent state, which has chosen its own path of development. We deserve to other Nations, our neighbors respected our choice”.

In the mouth Shevchuk is very clear that the reference to the biblical episode when the Holy prophet Moses led the Jews from slavery in Egypt. In fact, the head of the UGCC explained Zelensky, that Ukraine is allegedly now only two ways: back in Soviet slave, and go to Europe.

It is more than clear allusion to the fact that Zelensky must continue to lead the Ukrainian people out of the slavery of the Russian Empire or the Soviet Union.

About slavery is debatable. On the one hand, was and famine provoked by the Soviet leadership headed by Stalin (a Georgian, by the way, nationality), and on the other, the Soviet Union built in Ukraine all industry, all transport infrastructure, including gas and oil pipelines, all the energy and so on. But on the eve of the “channel meeting” passage Sviatoslav Shevchuk absolutely clear: away from Russia, and thus no agreement with her about the world. The head of the UGCC said that our state has chosen its own path of development, implying that the aspirations of Ukraine to the European Union, however, the choice of the Ukrainian people is also the world on the Ukrainian land. But Shevchuk warns: “We can not in these negotiations to deviate from his wishes…”.

In General Epiphanius Dumenko, and Svyatoslav Shevchuk warned Vladimir Zelensky from the agreements with Russia. This means that they actually acted against the peace in Ukraine. Subordinate clergy did it more openly, actively engaged in social networks to calls to come to the Maidan on 8 December for the torpedoing of the possible arrangements at the meeting, “Norman Quartet.”

The real world is impossible without reciprocal steps forward, without compromises. An alternative to this or a war (remember the Ilovaysk and debaltseve), or the freezing of the conflict in its present state. Neither that, nor another does not wish the Ukrainian people. I want to believe that he does not want and the Ukrainian President. However, the allies he has in this little. Of the leaders of the main religions, in fact, only one – his Beatitude, Metropolitan Onufry. He is the only one supported peace initiatives V. Zelensky, without any speculation about the world is “fair” or about the Egyptian slavery.

Разговор на Банковой: зачем Президент встречался с религиозными лидерами

His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry on the meeting with the President. Photo: his words at the meeting with the President. “Human life cannot be justified or redeemed. It is the most expensive in the world. The fact that you started this mission of peacemaking, we are grateful for your help and understand that it is a complex process. But it had to start – the process cannot succeed if it won’t start”.

That said, the true shepherd! Of human life, which is only valuable in the sight of God. Not on “winning”, “territories” or “land market”. The Primate of the UOC called Vladimir Zelensky be guided by this criterion and in the forthcoming negotiations, and in General in its activities. He blessed the peace efforts of the President and this blessing has a great price. Bofgreater than all threats, direct or indirect, articulated by supporters of the war party.

Five years ago, at the beginning of the war in Donbas, Metropolitan Onufry called on all to pray for peace in Ukraine. Sooner or later, this prayer will be heard. “…many more can spospeshestvovat prayer of a righteous man” (Jas. 5, 16). And each of us can make a contribution. It is now very necessary.Kirill Alexandrov

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