Cook from Bishkek have developed special dishes for Ramadan

PHOTO : / Igor Medvedev


Cook from Bishkek have developed special dishes that will be most useful during the Holy month of Ramadan. Recall, Muslims are forbidden to take food and water during the daylight hours, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Zhaynagul Raimkulova.

For dimlama in the cauldron all products are natural, even oil instead of refined fat. And to in the stomach after dinner was not the feeling of heaviness in the dish add the tomato. The secret of this dish and the cabbage – add cauliflower and broccoli, white changing to red. It is twice as useful and not mushy. Now dimlama is perfect for iftar. Chef Fahrer too fast. The whole day preparing a meal without trying.
“We chefs developed sense of smell. Smell can determine the amount of salt, or not enough. Then a lot experience. We determine the readiness of dish to visually”, – said the chef Fahrer of Mamytov.

Misses was not. But Fahrer still insure on-duty chefs: taste the dish before serving.

In a salad are tomatoes, olives, cheese for satiety. But the main thing is the dressing based on olive oil with the addition of Dijon mustard and honey. The finished dish vpryskivat orange juice.

“Specially come for this salad. It is very easy and useful. Whole day nothing to eat, then begin to eat a heavy meal and becoming ill. And this salad in the times,” says the restaurant Kilic sultans.

The chef said that the dishes should be not only useful but also delicious. Most importantly, to have a sense of proportion and not to eat at night.

Fasting in Ramadan lasts for a month, believers of Kyrgyzstan will end the evening of June 4.