COP for beating a passenger in the Kyiv metro is facing 8 years in prison (VIDEO)

Полицейскому за избиение пассажира в киевском метро грозит 8 лет тюрьмы (ВИДЕО)

Against the COP who rubber truncheon belabour the passenger in the Kiev metro, a criminal case on suspicion in excess of office powers.

On the recording, released online, shows a police officer struggling beats man with a baton and then drag him somewhere on the station platform. The victim stood up for his drunken friend who wanted to ride the subway “hare”. If the investigation proves the fact of excessive use of force, to the militiaman threatens from 3 till 8 years of prison. At the moment, a suspicion.

“Will be explored required the use of physical force, and especially of means of restraint on the part of the police, because there are exceptional grounds and conditions envisaged in the instructions of the employee of law enforcement body”, — told the press Secretary of the Prosecutor’s office of Kiev Hope the maximes.

Reminder: brutal police beating of a man has occurred at metro station “Kontraktova square”.

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