Copper and silver: the Museum of Andrei Rublev found old coins

PHOTO : “Mir24” / Elena Andreeva



Back in the fall at the Museum of Andrei Rublev decided to conduct engineering work. There are serious problems with the soil: ground water wash away the foundations of ancient buildings, and to save them, you need to dig a lot of land and communications. During this and found valuable artifacts, and at a depth of only 20 centimeters, found out the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Mr Sheroukhov.

Archaeologists – the vanguard, they are up to the builders sweep the ground, carefully remove all that may have historical value. And there are very different findings. For example, cartridges or shells.

“The top layer is a move when there was a dense archaeological monitoring, there is also some work was, the land was transferred from place to place. And different things were up there”, – said the expert archaeologist Sergei Malykh.

But historians and archaeologists, of course, more interested in ancient artifacts. Has found pottery, spear, medieval silver and copper coins, including the coin – a contemporary of Andrei Rublev. According to General Director of “Capital archaeological Bureau” Konstantin Voronin, it is possible to live three days.

Such a jumble of eras and cultural layers of soil in the territory of the Andronikov monastery on purpose. In the 20th century this place was a tumultuous and tragic history.

“The Museum was shut down in 20 years, there was a camp for political prisoners, it is well-known. In 30-e years the monastic buildings were converted into dormitories enterprise “SERP I Molot”,” – said the Deputy Director of development Museum of Andrei Rublev Svetlana Lipatova.

Field research is just at the beginning. Before becoming a Museum values, the findings fall into the archives, and reports, and then to the restorers. Before they hit the exhibition will be held at least annually. Maybe during this time, archaeologists will find more interesting things, which will reveal the secrets of the Andronikov monastery.