Coronavirus: 1100 dead, but the number of new cases decline

Coronavirus: 1100 morts, mais le nombre de nouveaux cas baisse

Beijing | The balance sheet of the outbreak of the new coronavirus has exceeded Wednesday, the 1,100 dead, the world Health Organization (WHO) saying that he feared “very serious threat” to the planet, even if the daily number of new infections decreases.

Up to now, 99.9% of the deaths in the world have been in mainland China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau), where appeared the disease in December in the large city of Wuhan (center).

The virus, now officially named by the WHO “Covid-19” — and not “2019-nCoV”, the name adopted on a temporary basis — has caused the death of 1113 people, according to chinese health authorities.

A total of 44 653 people who were contaminated have now been listed in mainland China.

Encouraging sign, however: the number of new cases daily reported Wednesday (2,015) has dropped significantly compared to Tuesday (2,478) and Monday (3,062), according to the national Board of health.

And the number of new deaths (97) is the first down day since February 2. Beijing had reported 108 dead the day before.

Zhong Nanshan, a chinese scientist of the first order, a veteran of the fight against the SARS virus in the country (2002-2003), has estimated that the epidemic will likely peak by mid or end-February”.

A cautious optimism shared by the WHO.

Cruise nightmare

Its director-general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, had said on Tuesday in Geneva that the coronavirus could be “a very serious threat” outside of mainland China, more than 400 cases have been confirmed in some thirty countries and territories.

But “if we invest now […] we have a realistic chance of stopping this epidemic,” he stressed at a conference, which brings together in Geneva until Wednesday, 400 scientists in order to review ways and means of combating the epidemic.

Dr. Tedros has also called on all countries to show “solidarity” by sharing their scientific data.

Outside mainland China, the virus has so far resulted in the death of two persons, one in the Philippines and another in Hong Kong. It was in the two cases of chinese nationals.

In Japan, however, the situation has worsened aboard the cruise ship, Diamond Princess, in quarantine near Yokohama: 174 people are now contaminated, including Canadians. Thirty-nine new cases, one of which is responsible for the operations of the quarantine, were announced Wednesday.

“At this point, among people who [evacuated from the vessel and hospitalized, four are in serious condition, under respiratory assistance or for intensive care,” said the japanese minister of Health, Katsunobu Kato.

“Completely restored”

The coronavirus concerned in the european Union (EU), where several cases have been reported in Germany (16) France (11) and Italy (3). The european Health ministers will meet Thursday in Brussels to discuss the topic.

The case of a British has received particular attention in recent days: without ever having set foot in China, he has contracted the Covid-19 in Singapore and sent it to several of his compatriots during a stay in France.

This man, who claimed Tuesday to be “completely restored”, has transmitted the virus to other 11 people — five hospitalized in France, five in Great Britain and on the Spanish island of Majorca.

Until then, the major part of the contamination identified abroad meant a lot of people back to Wuhan.

In the chinese province of Hubei (center), the epicenter of the epidemic, remains cut off from the world for almost three weeks: a cordon sanitaire prevents the inputs and outputs around many cities. Food, medical, and the raw materials may, however, pass.


The provincial capital, Wuhan, has further strengthened its restrictions. People with fever can no longer go to hospitals located outside of their district, while all the housing complexes are subject to access rules that are even more draconian.

Elsewhere in China, several cities impose or are advising their residents to stay at home. Everywhere, banners or messages broadcast by loudspeaker to incite to wear masks or wash their hands.

The country remains largely paralyzed, despite a timid recovery of the job since the beginning of the week. The students are still in vacation, and employees encouraged to work from home when possible.

The authorities have been criticised for having been slow to react and rebuked whistleblowers for “spreading rumours”. The death Friday of one of them, the doctor 34-year-old Li Wenliang, has led to the fury and disgust of very many Chinese.

In the Face of the pressure of public opinion, the two main officials in charge of health issues in the Hubei have been dismissed.


The countries and territories affected by the new coronavirus

Here is the list of the countries and territories have reported confirmed cases of illness due to novel coronavirus since its spread from the chinese city of Wuhan where he appeared in December.

Outside of China, including the autonomous regions of Macau and Hong Kong, nearly 500 cases of contamination by the epidemic of the coronavirus, known formally as Covid-19, have been confirmed in some thirty countries and territories.


The number of people infected in mainland China is only 44 653 people. The virus has made at least 1 113 dead, 99.9% of the deaths related to the Covid-19.

Most of the deaths occurred in the province of Hubei, the cradle of contagion, of which Wuhan is the capital city.

This figure exceeds that of the deaths of Sars (severe acute respiratory Syndrome, atypical pneumonia) who was killed in the world’s 774 people in 2002-2003, including 349 in mainland China and 299 in Hong Kong.

– A person is also dead in Hong Kong, where at least 49 cases have been registered.

– Ten cases have been reported in Macau.


East asia

South korea: 28

Japan: in 28 cases, and at least 174 on-board the cruise liner Diamond Princess in quarantine at Yokoham

Taiwan: 18

South-East asia

Cambodia: a

Malaysia: 18

Philippines: three cases with one death in Manila, a Chinese native of Wuhan, which was the first death outside of China.

Singapore: 47

Thailand: 32

Vietnam: 14

South asia

India: three

Nepal: a

Sri Lanka: a

Australia: 15


Canada: Seven

United States: 13. An american citizen also died of the coronavirus in Wuhan.


Union européenneAllemagne: 16

Belgium: a

Spain: two

Finland: a

France: 11

Italy: three

Sweden: a

United Kingdom: Eight

Russia: Two confirmed cases, now out of the hospital.


United arab emirates: Eight

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