Coronavirus: 1433 deaths in the United States in 24 hours, according to the Johns Hopkins University

Coronavirus: 1433 morts aux États-Unis en 24 heures, selon l'Université Johns Hopkins

WASHINGTON | The United States have identified Monday, 1433 deaths from the coronavirus in 24 hours, a decrease compared to the previous day, according to the counting of the Johns Hopkins University, in which reference is made.

This balance sheet daily door-to-42 094 the total number of deaths since the beginning of the pandemic in the United States, a country officially the most grief-stricken in the world by the COVID-19.

The first economic power and now has more than 784 000 people infected by the virus, according to the count, which is updated continuously.

Some 72 000 people are declared cured.

New York is the epicenter of the epidemic of COVID-19 in the United States, even if it seems that the State has overcome the worst of the crisis. We recorded 478 deaths in 24 hours, announced on Monday its governor, Andrew Cuomo, the balance sheet, the lowest in more than two weeks.

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