Coronavirus : 22 856 deaths in France, net decrease over 24 hours with 242 deaths

Coronavirus : 22 856 décès en France, nette baisse sur 24 heures avec 242 décès

PARIS | The epidemic of the coronavirus has made 22 856 deaths in France since the beginning of march, but the results of the last 24 hours is in sharp decline, with 242 deaths, compared with 369 on the previous day, announced Sunday the general Directorate of health.

The epidemic has killed 14 202 people in hospitals, or 152 deaths in 24 hours, the balance sheet daily, the lowest for the past five weeks, and 8654 in retirement homes and other medico-social establishments (+90), said the management in a press release.

In the icu, the number of patients decline now for the past 18 days in a row with 4682 allowed people to COVID-19, 43 at least since Saturday. But more people have been hospitalized in the icu/intensive care for other pathologies, for a total of 7,553 tendered patients.

Currently, 28 of the 217 people are hospitalized for an infection COVID-19, or 5 people less than Saturday. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 87 985 people have been hospitalized and 44 903 returned home, not to mention the tens of thousands of people healed in the city, remind us of the authorities.

The prime minister Édouard Philippe will present on Tuesday before the national Assembly “the national strategy plan déconfinement” who shall begin gradually on may 11, at the end of eight weeks of confinement.

Seventeen priority projects have been identified for the déconfinement, among which the return to school, the resumption of work in the companies, the proper functioning of public transport, the supply of masks and gel, the testing policy, or support for the elderly.

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