Coronavirus: 2494 dead in 24 hours in the United States, balance daily up

Coronavirus: 2494 morts en 24h aux États-Unis, bilan journalier en hausse

WASHINGTON | With 2494 additional deaths due to the coronavirus in 24 hours, the balance sheet daily in the United States is on the rise again, on Saturday announced the Johns Hopkins University, in which reference is made.

The country, by far the most grief-stricken by the pandemic COVID-19, deplores the total 53 511 deaths, and has recorded 936 293 confirmed infections since the onset of the disease, in accordance with the statement of the University of Baltimore to 20: 30.

Friday, the balance sheet of death (1258) was the lowest in nearly three weeks.

After the “disinfectant”, Trump does not want to waste his “time” in the press

The us president, Donald Trump, tweeted Saturday that his points daily press about the pandemic of sars coronavirus did not deserve that he devotes the time, two days after he sparked a controversy in world seeming to consider to treat the disease in disinfectant.

“What is the point of having press conferences at the White House when the media is geared only to ask hostile questions and then refused to report the truth or the facts accurately,” wrote the president a republican.

“They do record audiences, and the american people did nothing other than a “Fake News”. It’s not worth the time and effort!”, a-t-he tweeted.

His remarks seem to confirm the information of the american media, according to which, stung to the quick by questions about his handling of the health crisis, he planned to stop his press conferences, which were broadcast on television channels of the cable, and that can sometimes take more than two hours.

The president of the United States, the country most grief-stricken by the pandemic, with more than 53 000 people, had created the amazement Thursday at one of these points press.

“I see that the disinfectant knocks him out [coronavirus] is in a minute. A minute. And is there a way to do something like this with an injection to the inside or almost like a cleaning?”, he said.

Donald Trump has finally provided on Friday will be expressed in a “sarcastic”, before putting an end, in the evening, at his press conference after only twenty minutes without taking questions.

Saturday, after 50 points the press in two months, the White House has held no.

Donald Trump, who is running for a second term in November at the White House, has used these briefings to highlight the policies pursued by his administration to reject criticism and take it to China, to the democrats and to the american journalists.

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