Coronavirus: 28 000 masks seized, three arrests in Paris

Coronavirus: 28 000 masques saisis, trois arrestations à Paris

PARIS | A little more than 28 000 surgical masks sold illegally were seized and three people arrested on Thursday in Paris, according to police and court.

The police have discovered these some 28 400 masks in a phone shop of the 10th arrondissement of the capital, reported the sources.

A little before 12 pm, the police spotted two persons on board a car, before the control and follow up to attend to a transaction of masks, under the coat, with a manager of a mobile phone shop.

If the amount and volume of the transaction were modest (50, masks for 40 euros), the police have, however, decided to intervene and perquisitionnant the local phone shop, they fell on a stock of surgical masks in 14 cardboard boxes stored there.

The discovery of this stock has led the two buyers and the seller at the station.

The public prosecutor of Paris said that it had opened an investigation of the counts of deceptive business practice and refusal to defer to an administrative petition.

Since the requisition of stocks by the French State, several cases of illegal sales of masks have been processed by the police and the courts, in Paris, as elsewhere in the country.

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