Coronavirus: 389 new deaths in 24 hours in France, the 16th day of the fall

Coronavirus: 389 nouveaux décès en 24 heures en France, 16e jour de baisse

Paris | The epidemic of the coronavirus has made 22 245 deaths in France since the beginning of march, with 389 new deaths in 24 hours, but the number of patients hospitalized in icu continues its decline, continuing since 16 days, said Friday the director general of Health.

The epidemic has killed 13 852 people in the hospital, including 305 deaths in 24 hours, and 8393 in the long-term care facilities and other medico-social establishments (+84), said Jerome Solomon, in his point daily.

“The circulation of the virus remains at a high level” and France is still facing ” a massive epidemic, and severe “, pointed out the number 2 department, however, for the past 16 consecutive days, the number of individuals hospitalized in the intensive care unit decline, he said.

They were Friday ironed at below 5000 for the first time since the 29th of march, 4870, 183 less than Thursday. This is an important indicator of the pressure of the epidemic on the hospital system. However, it should be ” maintain a posture of vigilance as the epidemic is not over “, stressed the Pr Solomon.

Similarly, if new patients continue to present many in hospitals, with 1346 people allowed in 24 hours for Covid-19, the overall number of patients in the hospital continues its decline that began there nine days: they are still 28 658, 561 less than Thursday.

Next screening, “we have more than 40 000 tests per day,” said professor Solomon.

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