Coronavirus: 980 additional deaths in the Uk, a total of 8958

Coronavirus: 980 décès supplémentaires au Royaume-Uni, total à 8958

London | The british government urged Friday the public to adhere to the containment in spite of the beautiful weather of the easter weekend after a balance sheet daily record of close to 1,000 deaths, showing a worsening of the pandemic that has reached the prime minister, who is convalescing in the hospital.

In total, 8958 patients sick with the novel coronavirus died at the hospital, according to a balance sheet daily and announced by the Health minister Matt Hancock.

He once again urged the British to adhere to the containment and to stay at home despite a long Easter weekend of sunshine, in order to limit the spread of the virus in the country, one of the hardest hit in Europe.

“As hot as is the weather, as tempting or your park or your beach, it is necessary that everybody remains at home”, has he hammered. “Because in the hospitals of the country, the staff of the public health service are struggling day and night to enable people desperately sick breathing”.

Rare positive note in this dark picture, Boris Johnson, 55 years old, convalescent from the Covid-19 in a hospital in central London, has started to take a few steps after leaving the intensive care unit Thursday.

“The prime minister has been able to walk a little bit, between periods of rest, in the framework of the care they receive to help them recover,” said a spokesman.

“His morale is still very good,” he said previously, saying it was in “the initial phase” of his recovery and his return to the orders of the executive would depend on “the opinion of his medical team”.

To a continued confinement

His government had warned on Thursday that it was necessary to prepare for an extension of the containment, in principle scheduled for three weeks until Monday, even if a formal decision is not expected until after this period, towards the end of next week.

“We are starting to see the benefits of this social distancing,” said Friday, Stephen Powis, medical director of the public health service of England, on the BBC.

“We believe that the virus spreads less,” he added, but “it is too early” to ease, from fear a new wave of contagion, whereas the peak of the disease has not yet been crossed.

The prospect of a continued confinement remains concerned, however, as the health authorities, according to The Telegraph. Their leader Chris Whitty believes that it could have devastating effects, like a impoverishment of the society, regular care put in parentheses, fewer children vaccinated, more depressions or suicides.

In the long term, the number of deaths that could indirectly result in the containment is estimated to 150,000, more than those caused by the Covid-19, says the daily.

Boris Johnson is to this day the only head of government of a great power to have been contaminated by the virus.

He had been hospitalized on Sunday, the eve of his admission in the intensive care unit because of persistent symptoms of the disease, including fever. He received treatment with oxygen, but has not been placed on life support.

It is the head of the diplomacy, Dominic Raab, who is temporarily acting in his absence.

“He needs to rest. (…) I do not think that one can say that it is out of the woods”, said Friday the father of the prime minister, Stanley Johnson, on the BBC.

“He needs to take the time. I can’t believe that you’d come out and go back directly to Downing Street and take over the reins without a period of readjustment”, he added.

According to Tom Wingfield, of the institute of tropical medicine, Liverpool a “close monitoring” at the hospital entails “a regular measurement of vital signs, such as blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation”.

“Every patient is different and the time it takes to be fit enough to be able to get out of the hospital or completely restore can vary greatly”, he added.

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