Coronavirus: a contravention of a $ 1000 rebate for an illegal gathering in Gatineau

GATINEAU | Contravene the instructions of the public Health can be very expensive. Talk to this tenant of Gatineau, who has received a fine of $ 1000 for having organized a party at his home in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday.

It was the first ticket issued on the territory of Gatineau under the Law on public Health since the beginning of the crisis of the COVID-19.

A little before 1 a.m., police were called to render in an apartment building in the Hull area in response to a complaint of excessive noise.

“As soon as they arrive on the scene, the police have found a high level of noise audible outside the building and felt that several people were present inside the housing that is the subject of the complaint”, said the police of Gatineau in a press release.

Checks done, two of the five people on site were not residents of the place.

The police would first be reached by opting for a “an approach based on information and awareness-raising”, but would stop people who refused to collaborate.

“Considering the attitude of recalcitrant individuals, the tenant of the flat has received a statement of offence of $ 200, plus administrative costs, for contravening the by-law concerning noise”, have made the authorities.

A second finding of non – compliance – $ 1,000 this one- has been handed over to the tenant for holding a gathering.

The forces of order have held in mind that the fines for those who contravene the Law on public Health vary between $ 1000 and $6000 can.

The police also took the opportunity to remind people of the importance of complying with the health measures implemented by the government of François Legault.

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