Coronavirus: a decrease in “gradual and slow” the spread in Iran

Coronavirus: baisse «progressive et lente» de la propagation en Iran

Tehran | The curve of the case of contamination by the new coronavirus in Iran seems to have begun a decline in “gradual and slow”, according to official figures released on Monday, but Tehran also warned that the disease is still far from being mastered.

The disease Covid-19 has caused 136 deaths in the last 24 hours, bringing to 3739 dead the official death toll from the epidemic in Iran, said the spokesman of the ministry of Health, Kianouche Jahanpour, during his daily press briefings on-line.

At the same time, the islamic Republic has registered 2274 new cases of contamination, said Mr. Jahanpour, bringing the official toll to 60 500 patients.

This figure reflects a decrease in the official number of new cases daily for the sixth day in a row, after the peak of 3111 cases daily reached march 31.

According to the data provided by the States of the region, Iran is by far the countries most hit by the pandemic in the Near and Middle East.

“Because of the intensification of the plan of social distancing, we find a gradual decrease and slow the number of new cases in recent days”, has identified Mr. Jahanpour.

Requiring the Iranians to continue to “stay at home”, president Hassan Rohani stressed on Monday morning that if the safety instructions were “not taken into account, the country could “slip back into a difficult situation.”

“I hope that observing the highest possible of these guidelines (…) we will enter into the phase of mastery and control of the disease”, stressed the spokesperson of the ministry of Health.

To attempt to limit the spread of the disease, the authorities have not imposed confinement, but they have resorted to other restrictions such as the closure of most businesses considered non-core.

Mr. Rohani announced on Sunday that the authorities had given their approval to the resumption of certain economic activities, “step by step”, from the 11th of April.

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