Coronavirus: a first joint placed in quarantine in Vietnam

Coronavirus: une première commune placée en quarantaine au Vietnam

A town of 10 000 inhabitants located near Hanoi has been placed in quarantine for fear of a spread of the new coronavirus, a first in the country, it was learnt on Thursday with the nam’s ministry of Health.

A “quarantine” of the municipality of His or her Law has been ordained for twenty days, said the ministry, while five cases of Covid-19 were detected in this small town in the province of Vinh Phuc, located thirty kilometres north-west of the vietnamese capital.

“We all remain stuck in the common and we are working in our rice fields and gardens” but it will certainly affect a large number of people with “outside employment as house painter, labourer…,” said Tran Van Minh, a resident, contacted by AFP by phone.

According to him, ” a woman has infected her family and her neighbors.”

In Vietnam, fifteen persons are at this point affected by the epidemic of the coronavirus which emerged in China in December.

The balance sheet has experienced a strong rise on Thursday with more than 1 300 people have died and nearly 60,000 infected in mainland China, the result of a change in the method of detection.

These new figures may fuel speculation that the severity of the epidemic, officially called Covid-19 by the world health Organization (WHO), may have been under-estimated.