Coronavirus: a network of false news being dismantled in Hungary

Coronavirus: un réseau de fausses nouvelles démantelé en Hongrie

The Hungarian police said Saturday that they had dismantled a network of fraudulent internet sites who claimed that Hungarians had died of the coronavirus, with the sole purpose to attract traffic and earn money.

A couple is suspected of having “managed dozens of fake sites and information pages on Facebook spreading false news”, police said on its website.

As an illustration, the police showed one of these sites, which ran this headline: “A Hungarian of 37 years is dead in Budapest, probably the coronavirus”.

Computers were seized during several raids against these counterfeiters, which took place on Friday, added the press release. No cases of the disease, which made headlines in the press around the world, has not yet been reported in Hungary.

A Brazilian was arrested after a false alert of coronavirus

A Brazilian has been arrested in Rio de Janeiro after having simulated to be reached coronavirus and try to get the priority access to medical care in a clinic, said local police on Saturday.

The commissioner responsible for the dossier explained that Claudete Maria Rosa da Silva, 39 years old, was presented Friday night at a clinic in Copacabana, the tourist area in Southern Rio, claiming that she was suffering from symptoms of the new coronavirus.

To try to convince his interlocutors, the inhabitant of Rio has said that she came back to Hong Kong, where she had worked as a nanny.

The medical team is immediately put in a state of alert, mobilizing many health professionals for several hours.

The patient was brought into an isolated room and subjected to a whole battery of tests. The ministry of Health has been notified, as provided for in the protocol put in place by the health authorities.

But Claudete Maria Rosa da Silva was eventually arrested by the police, after members of her family have revealed that, in fact, she had never left Brazil and was not even in possession of a passport.

The new coronavirus has already infected more than 34 500 people and killed 722 patients in mainland China.

No case has yet been confirmed in Latin America. Thirty of Brazilians who were in Wuhan have left China on Friday and are expected to land Sunday morning in Annapolis, 80 miles from Brasilia, where they will be placed in quarantine for 18 days in a military base.

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