Coronavirus: about 160,000 dead, Easter orthodox confined

Coronavirus: environ 160.000 morts, Pâques orthodoxes confinées

Paris | millions of believers celebrate Sunday, the orthodox Easter and confined, sometimes in a unique way because of the pandemic of novel coronavirus which has led to nearly 160,000 deaths in the world, about two-thirds in Europe.

To support the caregivers on the front line in this epidemic, dozens of stars including the Rolling Stones and Taylor Swift are mobilised by giving a concert virtual giant in the night from Saturday to Sunday, followed in streaming by amateurs too confined.

The four historic members of the Rolling Stones, have played, each from his living room, their hit “You can’t always get what you want”, the video of each appearing on a screen divided into four, Charlie Watts improvising a battery with objects of everyday life, Mick Jagger throwing a kiss to the camera at the end.

Easter at the balcony

A week after the catholics and the protestants, it is therefore in the orthodox world celebrate Easter in exceptional circumstances.

A containment full has been imposed in Serbia and in Northern Macedonia up until Monday morning. In Romania, the faithful are called to celebrate Easter since their balcony, and in Greece, thousands of police backed by helicopters and drones are being mobilized the whole weekend pascal to avoid that the Greeks do leave the campaign as is the tradition.

The global toll of the victims of the coronavirus continues to increase. According to the count conducted Saturday at 19 h GMT (15 h in Montreal) by the AFP from data collected from the competent national authorities and WHO, since the onset of the disease in December in China, at least 157 539 people lost their lives in the world, so that the cap of 100 000 dead has been crossed in Europe.

In the United States, the most affected country both in the number of deaths (at least 38 664) that case (at least 732 197), manifestations hostile to the containment has been adopted in some States, and encouraged by tweets from the president Donald Trump, took place Saturday in Texas, Maryland and New Hampshire.

“Large risks”

While more than half of humanity remains in the home to limit the spread of the Covid-19, u.s. president republican has openly called to defy the rules of containment in States headed by governors democrats.

Donald Trump has also expressed the hope Saturday that the american muslims will be held to the same standards of social distancing during the month of ramadan – which starts on 23 April – christians to Easter, a number of devotees who have protested against the restrictive regulations on assemblies due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus.

The american president has again taken to China, which he accused of having “concealed” the severity of the pandemic and not to reveal the true count its dead.

And it has China warned: “If they were knowingly responsible, yes, then there should be consequences,” he said Saturday, during his daily press conference at the White House.

For his part, the director of the Institute of virology of Wuhan, a chinese city and the epicenter of the pandemic, has categorically denied any responsibility after having been fingered by the american media.

With more than 190 countries and territories affected, the pandemic has gained the entire planet.

The threshold of 1,000 deaths, officially recorded, was taken in Africa, three-quarters in Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and South Africa

In Brazil, the health situation is particularly worrying in the favelas.

“There is a great risk of the spread of the virus in the favela, about 40 to 50 % of the tests that are done here are positive”, if alarm Tiago Vieira Koch, director of a clinic which takes place in Rocinha, in Rio, the biggest favela of Brazil.

The brazilian president, however, has repeated its opposition to containment. “It should not be débiner deal with this virus, it is necessary to confront it head high, God is with us”, launched Jair Bolsonaro Saturday to the attention of believers who were demonstrating against abortion in front of the presidential palace in Brasilia.

Déconfinement careful in Europe

In Europe, few countries are engaged in the way of a careful déconfinement such as Austria or Denmark. Berlin has found the pandemic is now “under control” in Germany, which appears as the large european State to have best managed the crisis (less than 4000 dead), thanks to a wide use of tests.

But for WHO, the pandemic is far from being contained, with the “numbers steady or increased” in the eastern Europe and in the United Kingdom, where the government has decided to extend the confinement “for at least three weeks.”

In Spain, the authorities announced Saturday an extension until may 9, strict measures of containment.

After the United States, Italy (23 227 deaths), Spain (20 043), France (19 323) and the United Kingdom (15 464) are the countries hardest hit. The uk statistics do not include deaths in nursing homes, estimated to be 7500.

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