Coronavirus : an increase in poisonings cleaning products in the United States

Coronavirus : hausse des empoisonnements aux produits nettoyants aux États-Unis

WASHINGTON | The number of calls to poison centres the americans has increased by 20 % this year to intoxication with cleaning products and disinfectants, in particular Bleach and gels, hydro-alcoholic, reported to the u.s. Centers for disease control (CDC) on Monday.

The centres have received 45 550 calls related to the two categories from January to march, compared with 37 822 in January-march 2019. The increase is certainly related to the pandemic COVID-19 because of the coincidence with the beginning of the outbreak of the us epidemic, at the beginning of march, consider the authors.

Two times more calls have been received for the inhalation of disinfectants. Of the order of 40 % of the calls involved children five years or less.

Two illustrative examples are described by those responsible for public health in their report.

A woman has heard on the news that it was necessary to wash fruits and vegetables after you buy it. She filled his sink with hot water, vinegar and 10 % Bleach, before plunging its products. Mix Bleach/vinegar triggered a chemical reaction and produces fumes of chlorine were cough to the woman. She called the rescue, was transported by ambulance to the hospital where his breathing was improved with a treatment with oxygen and dilatation of the bronchi.

The other example relates to a girl under the age of five years who had ingested the hydroalcoholic gel ethanol-based, since a bottle of nearly two litres. Dizzy, she fell and hit her head. His blood-alcohol level was 273 mg/dL (more than three or four times the limit for drunk driving, according to the courts). The child remained 48 hours in the hospital.

The authors do not specify the number of deaths related to these poisonings.

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