Coronavirus: Australia demand an independent investigation

Coronavirus: l'Australie demande une enquête indépendante

Sydney | Australia Sunday called on the opening of an independent investigation into the global fight against the pandemic of novel coronavirus and the way the WHO has handled the crisis.

The minister of australian foreign Affairs, Marise Payne said that his country “would claim” including an investigation into how China had managed the epidemic in Wuhan, the city where it appeared the Covid-19 at the end of the year.

“We need to know details that only an independent can allow us to understand the origin of the virus, on how to cope with them (and) on the transparency with which the information was shared”, she told public broadcaster ABC.

Ms. Payne stated that Australia shares the same concerns as the United States, the president Donad Trump has accused the world health Organization (WHO) to be too close to China and being unable to cope with the pandemic.

Donald Trump has announced Tuesday the suspension of the u.s. contribution to who, which amounts to 400 to 500 million $ per year”.

“I’m not sure that a organization of health, responsible for the dissemination of a large part of the tools of communication, and that has taken a large part in early intervention (…) to conduct this review,” said Ms. Payne.

“It’s a bit like (to be) a poacher and gamekeeper”, she says.

The consequences of the pandemic will “somehow” alter the relationship between Australia and China, said the minister, who is said to doubt the transparency of Beijing.

The health minister, Greg Hunt has expressed support for an independent investigation, claiming that Australia has managed to limit the spread of the virus, in part, by going against the advice of the WHO.

Australia, which has 6600 cases of coronavirus and 70 dead of Covid-19, was one of the first countries in the world to prohibit the entry into its territory of passengers from China.

“Australia has been able to attain, compared to the world average, good results in terms of human toll” thanks “to our medical experts here in Australia,” said Mr Hunt.

“We know that we have been the subject of sharp criticism on the part of some authorities and the WHO in Geneva at a time where we have imposed the 1st of February to China, a prohibition to enter the territory, he said.

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