Coronavirus: China proclaims its victory, Brazil is sinking in the crisis

Coronavirus: la Chine proclame sa victoire, le Brésil s’enfonce dans la crise

Beijing | China has proclaimed that Friday, his victory over the new coronavirus that has affected its economy and continues to gallop elsewhere in the world, including in Brazil where the threshold of 20 000 dead has been taken.

If the epidemic has now affected more than 5 million people and has 329 799 deaths on the planet according to the officially reported cases – and largely underestimated -China, where the virus appeared in late 2019, has managed to contain it on its territory even if the United States accused it of having been slow to respond.

“We have achieved a successful major strategic in our response to the COVID-19”, claimed the prime minister Li Keqiang on the first day of the plenary session of the national people’s Assembly (ANP), grand annual mass of communist power.

For the first time in its recent history, Beijing has, however, waived to set a growth target for the current year, without being able to quantify the impact of the pandemic.

In front of 3,000 members of the masked face, Mr. Li said, “the immense task” that had to be done to deal with the consequences of the virus on the economy in china, the other is unpublished, contracted by 6.8% in the first quarter.

Europe, where the pandemic has killed more than 170,000 people, is continuing to move forward on the path towards a slow normalization, but by multiplying the precautionary measures.

Hit hard by the epidemic as evidenced by the diving record of more than 18% of retail sales in April, the Uk announced Friday that he would impose a quarantine of 14 days for travelers arriving from abroad.

Rare exceptions are provided for motor carriers, medical personnel and the Irish, but not for people from France, such as London and Paris had recently suggested.

Half-masting of flags

In France, where the government must take a decision on holding or not in June of the second round of municipal elections, the sunny weekend of the Ascension day spent on the beach or in the parks, feeds the fears of a new wave.

“It’s a beautiful day outside, we know that it is very complicated, and the temptation is strong after weeks of confinement “, acknowledged the minister of Health Olivier Véran.

Greece, for its part, has announced an extension until 7 June camps of migrants.

On the order of Donald Trump, the United States, a country officially the most heavily bereaved by the COVID-19, will put their flags at half-mast from Friday to Sunday to honour the memory of the victims.

The balance sheet is close to this 95, 000 deaths with daily figures that remain high: 1255 dead in 24 hours, according to the tally released Thursday by the Johns Hopkins university.

New funds to support the american economy will no doubt be necessary in the next few weeks, said the secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, while almost 3000 billion dollars have already been allocated by the administration to Trump and the Congress since march.

For its part, Russia has made state Friday, a new record for the number of deaths in a single day with 150 victims, but the epidemic remains stable in terms of new infections.

This is not the case in Latin America, where it continues inexorably forward, with terrible consequences in terms of economy and employment.

“Horror Film”

According to official data, the number of deaths has doubled in just 11 days to cross the 20 000 Thursday in Brazil, a country already affected most of the region, and where the spread of the virus is accelerating always.

In the cemeteries of the large cities, such as Sao Paulo, the diggers, are stepping up the pace of work.

The president’s insistence Jair Bolsonaro for the return to work and the recovery of the economy creates since the beginning of the health crisis, strained relations with the governors of the brazilian States, but the two camps have brought their positions closer on Thursday during a videoconference.

The COVID-19 kills proportionately more young people in this country of 210 million inhabitants than elsewhere: only 69% of the victims were over 60 years compared to 95% in Spain or Italy, according the results official.

“As our population is younger, it is normal that the percentage of deaths is higher in the younger than 60 years, but it is also due to the fact that these young adults are meeting less containment measures”, explained to AFP Mauro Sanchez, epidemiologist of the University of Brasilia.

Peru’s neighbor, most of the hospitals in Lima are on the verge of breaking, according to the Office of the ombudsman, responsible for ensuring respect of the rights of Man.

“It’s like a horror movie, the inside of the hospital looks like a cemetery for the dead, the patients die on chairs, in wheelchairs, told AFP Miguel Armas, a nurse at the hospital Hipolito Unanue, Lima.

A report of the economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (Cepal) and the international labour Organisation (ILO) paints a picture very dark consequences of the health crisis, a continental.

The pandemic will create 11.5 million unemployed people more in Latin America in 2020, according to the report published Thursday in Santiago. And the contraction of the economy of the region this year will be 5.3%, the worst since the 1930s.

In Chile, where deaths have increased by 29% in 24 hours, locals braved the confinement of these last days to manifest and to demand food aid, while the appearance of the epidemic has caused an explosion in unemployment and hunger in the poorest neighborhoods.

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