Coronavirus: Ecuador admits problems with the dead bodies

Coronavirus: l’Équateur admet des problèmes avec les cadavres

Quito The president of Ecuador acknowledged Friday that his government had faced “problems” in the management bodies of the many victims of the coronavirus, because of the collapse of the hospital system and the lack of space in the morgues.

“We need to recognize that in the initial phase, we had problems in the management of the dead because we have taken the decision to give a worthy burial to every Ecuadorian, not like in other countries which have opened mass graves,” said Mr. Moreno to a string of television and radio.

In march, when the president of ecuador has declared a state of sanitary emergency, the city of Guayaquil, which has become the epicenter of the epidemic, has been overwhelmed by the number of corpses, some being left in the homes or who are abandoned in the middle of the street.

The chaos experienced by this port on the pacific coast has led the government to create a joint force between the army and the police to remove hundreds of bodies were left.

The authorities have also been reduced to install containers to store these bodies address the lack of capacity of the morgues in the hospitals.

The country, which account for 17.5 million people, reported Friday 26 336 cases of coronavirus, and more than 1 000 deaths since the beginning of the epidemic. The Éqauteur is, proportionally, one of the most affected countries in Latin America. The only city of Guyaquil has some 8 100 cases of people infected.

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