Coronavirus: Egypt sends medical aid to the United States

Coronavirus: l’Égypte envoie une aide médicale aux États-Unis

Egypt has sent out Tuesday by aircraft of the medical equipment in the United States to assist them in their fight against the pandemic of novel coronavirus, in a reversal of roles for this country, which boasts a significant u.s. aid.

Egypt has long been a strategic ally of Washington. The military aid to Cairo amounted to approximately $ 1.3 billion per year.

Images of crates bearing the inscriptions “Of the egyptian people to the american people”, in English and in Arabic, are loaded onto a cargo plane and military, have been released in a video from the cabinet of the president of egypt.

The device has landed on the military air base Andrews, near Washington, said Dutch Ruppersberger, head of democratic party, a bipartisan group promoting relations with Egypt to the House of representatives.

The plane was carrying inter alia 200,000 masks and 48,000 protections for shoes, according to Mr. Ruppersberger.

“This is the reason why the international diplomacy and the maintenance of relations with allies such as Egypt are essential, not only in times of crisis but every day,” he wrote on Twitter.

The american ambassador in Cairo, Jonathan Cohen, also praised the submission “generous”.

Egypt has 250 dead of the Covid-19 for 3 300 cases according to the world health Organization (WHO), far behind the nearly 45 000 deaths identified in the United States, the country most grief-stricken by the pandemic.

The sending of this medical aid has been the subject of criticism in Egypt, where one-third of the population lives on 1.5 dollars, or less, per day.

“The Egyptians who are happy and proud that Egypt sends medical equipment to Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States are probably those who can afford to pay 10 egyptian pounds for a mask”, has tweeted a blogger renowned in Egypt, which is known as The Big Pharaoh. Ten egyptian pounds, equivalent to barely more than a half-dollar.

The us president, Donald Trump has shown enthusiastic support to his egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. The ex-chief of the egyptian army had deposed his predecessor, islamist Mohamed Morsi in 2013 before being elected to the presidency a year later.

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