Coronavirus: France passes the bar of the 20, 000 deaths, +547 deaths in 24 hours

Coronavirus: la France passe la barre des 20 000 morts, +547 décès en 24 heures

Paris | France past Monday, the bar of the 20,000 people killed by the new coronavirus, with 547 deaths reported since Sunday, but the number of patients hospitalized and admitted in the icu continues to decrease slowly, has announced the appointment of the Director-general of Health.

“Tonight, our country crossed a symbolic milestone and a particularly painful”, said Jerome Solomon.

The COVID-19 has killed “far more than all of the épidemies of flu, even more deadly, and more than the summer heat of 2003”, which had done 19 000 people dead, has-t-he stressed.

In total, 20 265 people have died since the epidemic began in early march: 12 513 to the hospital (+ 444 in 24 hours) and 7.752 in medical retirement homes and other medico-social establishments (+103).

For the twelfth consecutive day, the number of individuals hospitalized in the icu is decreasing: they are still 5 863 Monday (-61), while France only had 5000 beds in the icu before the beginning of the epidemic.

“The lower needs in the icu is confirmed, but it remains very light”, commented the Pr Solomon during his daily press briefings.

Well, now six days, the number of hospitalized persons decreases very slowly: 26 less since Monday, at 30.584.

“The voltage drop is uneven and we need to continue the efforts,” insisted the number 2 of the ministry of Health.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, more than 37 000 people came out cured of the hospital.

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