Coronavirus: his mom hides the toilet paper, he hits

LOS ANGELES | A young Californian has been arrested for hitting his mother, who had hidden the toilet paper family to avoid that it does not use too abundant in this time of shortage-related coronavirus.

The police was called in the middle of the night to intervene in Saugus, north of Los Angeles, in a family dispute triggered by this hygiene product, according to Shirley Miller, a spokesperson quoted by local media.

The mother of the family said to police that she had concealed the stock of toilet paper because his son, 26-year-old, Adrian Yan, was using too much so that the product is difficult to find in stores at this time.

As she refused to reveal the precious stash, the tone is mounted and the son hit her, according to Ms. Miller, who noted that the containment measures have caused an upsurge of domestic violence.

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