Coronavirus in Chile: record of contamination, two ministers positive

Coronavirus au Chili: record de contaminations, deux ministres positifs

Santiago de Chile | Chile reported Monday a new record of contamination at the new coronavirus, with 4 895 new infections in 24 hours, including two ministers of the government of president Sebastian Piñera.

The country of 18 million inhabitants, registered a total of 73 997 cases of Covid-19 of which 761 deaths since the appearance of a first case on 3 march. Forty-three people died in the last 24 hours.

“I have been informed that the test Covid-19 that I made a few days ago was positive, luckily I don’t have symptoms until now,” said the public Works minister, Alfredo Moreno, 63 years old, on his Twitter account.

Mr. Moreno was placed in quarantine, preventive after one of its employees had tested positive for novel coronavirus.

The minister of Energy, Juan Carlos Jobet, 44 years, is also contaminated.

Three other ministers, who had been in contact with infected persons, and were placed in quarantine, preventive, have all been tested negative and have resumed their activities.

Last week, three senators have been tested positive, and this has led to the closing of the Senate and the organization of parliamentary meetings by videoconference.

The lower house of Parliament has also been an elected official contaminated the Covid-19.

Santiago, in confinement since may 16, is the main focus of the pandemic, with 90% of cases in the country. Until then, the government had focused on confinement partial and selective, as well as a mass screening.

But the country is undergoing since two weeks ago to a very high increase in contamination, which has prompted the government to enact a containment required for the 7 million inhabitants of the capital.

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